Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Could Be Me!!!

My six year old daughter is definitely "Daddy's girl". Daddy sometimes wishes that she would play hockey in the driveway, watch football with him etc, etc, etc, but like all good dads, I wouldn't trade her for the world(although there are days when she is acting up that I would take an offer). Anyhoo, I'm sure if I ever took her to a baseball game that this would happen. This is simply priceless.
If this story on the Oilers-Islanders game is worth anything, it sounds like it might be a while before Pats fans see Jordan Eberle on Brandt Centre ice---if they see him at all.

As you know, Glenn Healy was on TSN before leaving to join the NHL players association. Now that Healy is no longer with the association, he is going back to TV, but not on TSN. Healy will be a regular on Hockey Night in Canada. I wonder if he will be as acidic on HNIC as he was on TSN. Other additions to HNIC this year are another former goalie--Kevin Weekes and Guy Carbonneau. I'll be interested to see how Carbonneau does as he doesn't come across to me as a TV guy. It will also be interesting to see what Carbo has to say as plans are for him to only be on games involving the Montreal Canadiens---the team that fired him as head coach. It could make for some good TV. As for Weekes, he's just another goalie who is moving into the broadcast booth. What is it about tenders and TV? Could this mean PJ Stock is no longer a part of the crew?
Like many of you, I dream of winning the lottery one day. Jay Vargas was 19 years old when he won 17 million dollars in the South Carolina powerball lottery. How did Vargas spend his money??

The Barrin Simpson story is going to the CFL board of governors. The story of course is whether or not a player has to agree to going on the nine game injured list. The Bombers want to do that to save some coin, but Simpson is balking at the move. Word is Winnipeg coach Mike Kelly asked him if he wanted to play this week in Montreal and he said no. It would seem as if Simpson is trying to force Kelly's hand by refusing to play in hopes that he will be released. It doesn't look as if that will happen.
The CFL allowed the transaction to occur meaning Simpson is on the nine game injury list. If this is the case, the Riders are owed money(see the "I Just Don't Understand" post)by the league.
If you have Access on Demand, go to the NFL page and see what you get. Once you have seen this, please apologize to your wife or significant other. As you will see guys, it is must-see TV even though there are no cheerleaders involved.
Summer has finally arrived. Whaddaya mean its mid-September? Its great having the warm temperatures, but accompanying those warm temperatures are the ever annoying mosquitoes. Can we not have one without the other. Is it too much to ask?

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