Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rider Update

The Riders got back on the field for the first time today following Sunday's shellacking of the Bombers. Head coach Ken Miller told those in attendance the following.

--Linebacker Aaron Wagner has a knee injury that will keep him out for a while as surgery will be needed to correct the problem.

--Jason Armstead may not be done throwing the football

--He is hoping the players can put the loss to Edmonton out of their minds even though it would seem many have not forgotten blowing a 22 point lead at home.

--Kitwana Jones and Leron Mitchell will likely play Saturday, but Donovan Alexander is doubtful because of a bad hamstring. As for Jason Clermont, Miller says he can't say yet whether or not he will draw back into the lineup. The coach added Clermont has not been a problem this year and has been like an extra coach despite the fact he is not seeing the touches he likely hoped for.

--Kanye West did not interrupt Miller during his daily gathering with the media.

--After practice, the team lined up one by one by their locker room to sign autographs for a group of kids that were to watch their football heros. It took a while for the players to get through the line, but every autograph was signed and every kid left happy. It was wondered aloud by some if that would have happened a few years ago and is just another sign how much the culture has changed since Jim Hopson became president and CEO of this football team.
That is all!


Anonymous said...

Miller can say all he wants about the players needing to forget what happened the last time they played Edmonton. The truth is everyone in that room knows what happened that day and they are determined it won't happen again. I really like their chances Sunday. Beating them at Commonwealth will be tough, but I can see a good beating being laid on the Shmoes this weekend.
I wasn't aware Kanye was in Regina tonight. Nice line.


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting Danny and Roy wouldn't have made the days of schoolkids coming to watch practice. Shame to you and others for thinking this. How dare you impugn the fine reputation of those two stalwart gentlemen. (This comment should be taken with dripping sarcasm--OK, flowing sarcasm)