Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Was That/Welcome Back Ebs

I'm all for my favourite football teams wearing green jerseys, however, this might be one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. This is what the Seahawks wore Sunday for their game against the Chicago Bears. Its beyond ugly. Did Bud Lime sponsor these things? Go back to the blue jerseys, put these one in the closet and never ever wear them again.
Nice effort by the Seahawks also----especially kicker Olindo Mare who ripped defeat away from the jaws of victory. Mare missing two big field goals resulting in a Bears win. GRRRRRR!!!!

Do you realize if it hadn't been for Brandon Stokley's miracle catch in Week 1 of the season that the Cincinnati Bengals would be 3-0! 3-0? As someone who hates the Steelers, I love seeing Pittsburgh lose to anyone, but I didn't think they would lose to Cincinnati.

Those that thought Tennessee would compete for the Super Bowl are wondering what's going on. The Titans are 0-3 after losing to the New York Jets---a New York Jets team that is 3-0. By the way go back to last year and Tennessee has now lost six straight games. Three this year, a playoff game last year and I believe their last two regular season games.

Brett Favre's home debut with the Vikings was one to remember. He hits Greg Lewis with a 32 yard touchdown on the last play of the game as Minnesota beats San Francisco to go to 3-0. Favre admitting after he doesn't even know who Lewis was and Lewis admitting after the only reason he was in the game because Percy Harvin was too tired to run another go route. How many verbal bj's will Favre get this week. Thank god John Madden is retired!!

Terrell Owens' relationship with the Bills is crumbling. T-O didn't catch a pass as Buffalo got beat by New Orleans. You have to see his post-game news conference to catch his latest act. Owens and Mike Kelly would be a great team.
Pats fans are happy tonight. The Oilers have sent Jordan Eberle back. Regina needs his offence and his leadership. They lose 4-1 at home to Saskatoon. I wasn't there, but I am told it was not a banner effort.
Tiger doesn't win the Tour Championship, but he wins the Fed Ex Cup. Should anyone be surprised by this? Speaking of Tiger, how bout this story!
I just saw Global's Derek Meyers run a piece on the Sunday night sports saying EA Sports has simulated the upcoming NHL season and they have the Hawks winning the Stanley Cup. I won't argue with that, but did I see the story right in that the Hawks beat the Islanders in the final. The Islanders?? I'm guessing that won't be happening. How in the h-e-double hockey sticks does EA Sports figure the Islanders are getting to the finals.
Windstorm?? It wasn't blowing as hard as it appeared to blow in other parts of the city in my part of the city. Breezy yes, but nothing damaging.
That's all I got. I had to put Family Guy and The Simpsons on the PVR. The same goes for "The Cleveland Show". Why Cleveland??? Wouldn't Quagmire have been a better idea for a spinoff. Giggity Giggity!!


Anonymous said...

Eberle's return is nice, but he doesn't solve the problems. The Pats have a definite lack of speed. Does Parker not realize speed is what is needed in today's game? If Eberle is still here at the trade deadline, I will be shocked. Then again if Parker works out a good trade for Eberle, I will be shocked.

How can you not love Brett Favre after yesterday? The guy just gets it done. He can play until he's 50 as far as I'm concerned.

Skip over Family Guy. It was terrible!

Anonymous said...

That Seahawks jersey is ugly, but its not as bad as that monstrosity the Eagles came out with last year or that puke yellow jersey that the Eskimos wore a few seasons back.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

You can't make chicken salad out of chickenshit and all the Pats have done with Jordan's return is add the chicken. With or without Eberle, the Pats are a bad team and won't win more than 25 games this year. Those that don't believe me weren't at the games this weekend.


MIke from Vita, MB said...


There must have been a firesale on used jerseys. Those Seahawk jerseys are uglier than the yellow ones the Esks used last year.