Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who Has The Most??

Wondering what school has the most players represented when it comes to the opening day NFL rosters. Wonder no more...

Louisiana State and Miami are the schools with the most players on NFL Kickoff 2009 rosters – with 41 each – the NFL announced today. This marks the fourth consecutive season that Miami has had at least a share of the league lead. Miami had the most players on NFL Kickoff rosters in each of the past three seasons – 44 in 2008, 46 in 2007 and 42 in 2006. Louisiana State ranked sixth last year with 35 players on NFL Kickoff rosters.

A total of 250 colleges were represented on Kickoff 2009 Weekend rosters.

On NFL Kickoff rosters, there were 296 players weighing 200 pounds or less, 311 players under six feet tall, and 370 players weighing at least 300 pounds.

Philadelphia has 14 players weighing 200 pounds or less, the league’s highest total in that category. Atlanta and Pittsburgh tied for the most players under six-feet tall with 15. Dallas has 16 players weighing 300 pounds or more, the most in the league.
Since when does summer hit in September. 34 degrees in Regina?? Where was this in July!!!

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