Friday, September 18, 2009

Someone In Saskatchewan Is Having A $uper Weekend

The last Super 7 draw is one that someone in Saskatchewan will remember. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation says the winning ticket worth nearly 24 million dollars was sold in our province. Check your tickets! If it has 5,8,10,13,22,36 and 47, remember who your favourite blogger is. I can't imagine what it would be like to start the weekend by finding out you have just won 24 million dollars. If that person is reading this and he or she is going to the Riders game, let someone else have a share of the wealth and don't buy a 50-50 ticket. Let someone else win the prize---don't be greedy! Oh yeah, one other thing. Congratulations!!
It never bothers me seeing the Calgary Stampeders go down to defeat and that is what they did Friday night. Hamilton shook off a bad first half as they beat the Stamps 24-17. It means a Riders win Sunday afternoon and they will be alone in first place after 11 weeks of the season. Didja know that the Riders have been in first either by themselves or tied after 10 weeks for the last three years. I didn't until Rob Vanstone told me today. So to those Ken Miller detractors, I ask...why do you want this man replaced? Have you noticed how those detractors have crawled back into the woodwork the past couple of weeks. I'm guessing they will be back out after the next loss because they love nothing more than to complain.
If you didn't see it Friday night, TSN's Brian Williams had an outstanding feature on University of Regina Rams quarterback Marc Mueller. You know Mueller is the grandson of Ron Lancaster and he was profiled on the one year anniversary of Ronnie's death. This is a must-see watch.....
If Ronnie was watching from above last nite, he might have been cringing because it wasn't the best night for Mueller and the Rams. They were crushed at home 41-15 by the University of Calgary. The Rams are now 1-2 on the season, but its said those two losses have come against the conference's two best teams---the Dinos and the U of S. They'll be fine.
Congrats to the Plaza of Honor inductees---especially long time equipment man Norm Fong. You won't find a better person than Normie and I was very happy to see him get the distinction. That is a man who should write a book on what he has seen over his many years on the job. Oh, the stories he could tell.
The Pats start the 2009-2010 season with a loss as they fall 5-1 in Saskatoon. Travis Toomey with a pair for the winners. Matt Strueby had the only Regina goal. Brandon is at the Brandt Centre tonight....its a depleted Wheat Kings team as their best players like Brayden Schenn and Scott Glennie are still in NHL camps so its a chance for Curtis Hunt's crew to rebound by taking advantage of a team that is not at full strength. Game time at the Brandt Centre is 7. I would love to be there...alas, I have other plans. OK, my wife does meaning I have to babysit. Perhaps Annika should come to the hockey game with her daddy. Oh that will be happening this year---that's for sure.
Phil Kessel is a Toronto Maple Leaf and I think Brian Burke has paid too much to get him. They are giving up a first round pick in 2010 and 2011 and a second round pick in 2010. Kessel gives the Leafs some instant firepower, but is he worth a pair of first rounders and a second. I don't know. I'm still of the belief the Leafs don't make the playoffs this year and if that's the case, the Bruins come out smelling like roses.
Dion Phaneuf is taking some heat for laying out Kyle Okposo of the Islanders during a pre-season game Thursday night. I don't care if its exhibition or not, you play the game and impress the coaches with what you can do. Everyone knows Phaneuf can hit and if anyone forgot, he proved it. Dion didn't have a great year last season(OK he did because he is with Elisha Cuthbert)and he's ready to show the league that he's back. Here's some advice to the NHL---Keep your head up when playing Calgary.
Good on Sidney Crosby for questioning what happened to Paul Kelly. Like him or not, Sid is one of the posterboys for this league and he wants to know what the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on. He is taking on a leadership role league-wide and I applaud him for that. Its now time to hear what Mr. Ovechkin is thinking.
If you're a golfer, you will either love this story or hate it. I think I'm in the latter category having never had a hole in one....OK, I had one in Tiger Woods golf a couple of years ago but thats it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch,
good read buddy. As someone who loves Ken Miller, I still have to say that most detractors had some pretty good fodder to fuel their anti- Miller sentiments.

There was a 2-3 week stretch when very little he did or said resembled a pro coach. You have to admit that his mentailty seemed a lot less than what you expect at this level.

Having said that, I have always maintained that Miller has an uncanny ability to make changes and improve quickly. He is wise enough to know what many young coaches don't know....that he doesn't know everything.

Mitch, as a true Miller supporter and fan, even I was wondering if he was over his head.

He looked like he was buddy. Glad he pulled out of it. But those who noticed should not be faulted. It was glaring. But, he has, once again, totally figured it out and moved on.

He has a great attitude and pride doesnt seem to enter into things. Interesting guy to observe.


Jer K. said...

I think when their your kids you can't call it 'babysitting'.

Cudo's on supporting Ken Miller. He will be retiring soon enough, at which point we will truly notice how important he is over the long 18 game season. He knows how to get the most out of each player but it takes a little time to occur.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing wrong with Phaneuf's hit, but the fact that he then didn't want to fight any of the Islanders is what some are upset at--especially the Islanders. Dion's a big boy, he should be dropping the gloves after something like that because he knows he is going to get challenged.

It is nice seeing Calgary get beat isn't it.

I call looking after my kids babysitting for what its worth.


Anonymous said...

This move by the Leafs propels them from 13th in the East to 11th. Give Burkie credit though---he's trying!


Anonymous said...

Why should Phaneuf fight? He hit Okposo with a clean check. Isn't that a part of hockey. This part of the game where a guy has to answer to someone else for hitting another player is ridiculous. Its just a little too "macho" if you ask me. If Okposo keeps his head up, he's not getting carried off on a stretcher. I had no problem with Phaneuf's hit or his behaviour after.

Anonymous said...

I had 4 numbers. Its not 24 million, but its 10 bucks I can spend on pro-line tickets for tomorrow. SIGHHHHH!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great story on Marc Mueller. He is a younger Ronnie. People should go out and watch this kid because he won't play pro because he is Canadian. That's too bad.

Mike from Vita said...

The Stumps can keep losing all they want. If they tank out, they may be the 3rd in the east, or miss the playoffs entirely. Only in Calgary would people care.