Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 11 Picks

A 2-2 week means I'm 22-14. I thought about protesting the BC-Montreal result, but I don't have the coin for that and I don't think I could realistically find anyone who gives a rats ass. Thus I move on. Without further "ado", I present Week 11 picks


Dare I say it, is this must win for the Argos and head coach Bart Andrus. The Argos are limping through whats been a miserable season so far---one that could have been better had it not been for a couple of bad decisions by their rookie head coach. At 2-7, this could be one that if the Bombers were to win Sunday could bury the Boatmen. The Ti-Cats looked great last week and Arland Bruce is back in Toronto. Let the misery continue. Take Hamilton and don't be surprised if the score is similar to what it was on Monday.


I don't know what happened to the Eskimos on Monday at MacMahon because they looked nothing like the team that had been playing the past few weeks. The two teams head up the highway for the rematch---a rematch that Edmonton usually wins. Calgary looked good on Monday....or was it Edmonton was that bad. I don't know why I am taking the Eskimos after what I watched Monday, but I will. That should read, I reluctantly will.


Do you really have to ask? Marc Trestman and the Alouettes are fuming after having one taken away from them in Vancouver last week. They are on their own turf for this one and I can't see the Alouettes having any problem with their Western Division foes. Take Montreal and don't be surprised if its by 20 or more.


I don't think it will be as easy for the green guys as it looked last week in the Labour Day Classic. That being said, there is more internal strife in Bomberland as now Barrin Simpson wants out. I don't know how this team can stay foccussed on the task at hand with all of the controversy swirling around it. You can't tell me Mike Kelly has a firm grasp on this football team. I will take the Riders to complete the sweep with a 10 point win.

One other thing. Did anyone hear Prime Time Sports last night? I have had a couple of people tell me today that Bob McCown and Doug McLean almost came to blows on the show last night as McCown criticized McLean for joining the Jim Balsillie team. Bruce Dowbiggin has a write up on it on The write up is fine, but I would love to hear it. I'll have to find the podcast.

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Anonymous said...

I found the podcast and it was awesome. When you watch the visual during their entire time together you can tell that McLean has this disdained look on his face due to the fact he hates Brunt and McCown. Finally McLean did the "let me tell you what I think", and McCown was stunned. Personally I think McLean was looking for any reason to get back to the NHL, but he really called McCown on the carpet for how he handles people and the show. I think everything McLean said was absolutely true. The best part was when he said that McCown was far from being the judge and jury regarding any type of final opinion ever being formed. Then he tell him how much waffling he does himself. It was gold and long overdue.