Sunday, September 20, 2009

CFL Fans Win, Rider Fans Don't

Everywhere you go this morning you will hear about how the Edmonton Eskimos came back in the final seconds to steal one from the Riders. Yes, the green and white should probably be alone in first place this morning with a record of 7-4, but they are not. Ricky Ray capped off a very impressive afternoon by hitting a wide open Maurice Mann to grab a victory---a victory that was just about taken away from them as the Riders drove inside the 20 before running out of time.
Yes, to someone who bleeds green it was a tough day, but for fans of the CFL, it was a great game and it was one that was quite enjoyable. It was as enjoyable as when Ray connected with Fred Stamps on the last play of the game to give Edmonton a win over Calgary---a game that pleased Rider fans to no end. It was as enjoyable as Darian Durant's bomb to Chris Getzlaf in Calgary that gave the Riders a win---again a game that pleased Rider fans to no end. What I'm saying is sometimes you get the break at the end of the game and sometimes you don't. You can't win every game (see 2007 New England Patriots) but you try and give those in the stands and watching on TV an enjoyable afternoon and yes, the Riders and Eskimos did give us that on Sunday afternoon.
What are your thoughts on the Calgary-Winnipeg trade? First off, credit John Hufnagel for restocking his receiving cupboard. With Ken-Yon Rambo done for the year and Ryan Thelwell seeing his season end Friday, Hufnagel had to go out and find what he felt was an experienced receiver---he gets that in Romby Bryant. I haven't seen a lot of Arjei Franklin much like I haven't seen a lot of Titus Ryan or Jabari Arthur when it comes to catching the football. Odell Willis started the season with a bang for Calgary so Winnipeg gets what looks to be a good young linebacker(Bye Barrin Simpson). Calgary likely wins this deal short-term, but the Bombers may get the advantage long-term.
The more I try to understand the NFL, the more it confuses me. The Bears beat the Steelers?? The Bengals beat the Packers? The Texans over the Titans? The one thing that did please me was the Sunday night game. "The Dallas Palace" or "Jerryworld" or whatever you want to call it got christened with Jerry Jones seeing his beloved Cowboys go down to defeat with his quarterback stinking out the joint. I hate Jones and make no apologies about doing so. I love it when the TV cameras show him when his team in losing as he wipes that intolerant smugness off his face. Then there is Romo who in my mind is the most over-rated QB in the NFL. Everyone looks at him because he is quarterback of the Cowboys. If he was quarterback of the Browns, Jaguars, Buccaneers, etc. etc, he would be just another average quarterback. He also comes across as one smug s-o-b, so its nice to see him get his too.
It looked like the Oilers and Islanders gave people in Saskatoon more of an NHL game with NHL players than what the Flames and Islanders delivered Saturday. It is rather shameful that Calgary didn't come with guys like Fleury, Iginla, Kiprusoff and Phaneuf, especially when they want to corner the Saskatchewan market. It will be interesting to see who Ottawa and Tampa dresses tonight when the two teams meet at the Brandt Centre. Seeing Lecavalier will be alright for me as I think he is one of the top 10 players in the NHL.
Good news for the Pats as they get word that Colten Teubert is coming back from L-A. With Teubert and Matt Delahey back, it certainly strengthens the back-end. I do think Teubert will have a much better season than last--especially the second half. He was the whipping boy last season---and for good reason, but I think he is going to rebound this year and emerge as one of the top blueliners in the WHL. He had better do so for his sake. With Delahey, Teubert and Garrett Mitchell back, it just asks whether or not Jordan Eberle will return from Edmonton. I think he will, but there is no certainty of it. Is he one of Edmonton's top 6 forwards now. If he is, he stays. If not, he's back here.
TSN's first top 1o list of eligible draft players was released this week as the three leagues started and it was interesting to see Prince George's Brett Connolly 5th. Connolly and Jordan Weal were the two best rooks in the WHL last year. Connolly won the rookie of the year award last year beating Weal in the final balloting. Prince George wasn't here last year so I have to ask "Is Connolly that much better than Weal?"
The Thunder clinch a playoff spot. They beat the Winnipeg Rifles 52-19 to improve to 4-2.
Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

Ricky Ray showed why he is one of the best the CFL has ever seen. Hope the Rider healthcare plan is a good one, because he will send them a bill for the surgery that was performed.

Omarr made a mistake and it was a costly one, but not as costly as the no yards call in the ednzone. Why is Kavis Reed still here?

I hear you on Jones and Romo. I hate the Cowboys.

You missed a great UFC card Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Poor special teams cost us another win. How much longer will this last. Surely Mr. Tillman can see this from his "office". That could have cost us first place.

Anonymous said...

They didn't even dress Clermont? The Riders need to trade him and let another team give him the playing time he deserves. We all know what he is capable of! Is this punishment for sending out a Tweet? Give me a break!