Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Just Don't Understand It

I was shocked and sickened upon getting to the airport to greet the Riders after their heartbreaking loss to the B.C. Lions in the 2004 Western Conference final and finding out what had happened at the home of Paul McCallum. Just to refresh your memory, McCallum had missed a chip shot field goal that resulted in the Lions advancing to the Grey Cup. Some idiot decided to drive by the McCallum home and threaten his wife while dumping manure on his driveway. It put a real black mark on Rider fans---some who do take the game too seriously. It has happened again--this time in the NFL.

Bills kick returner Leodis McKelvin returned to Buffalo this morning to find his house had been vandalized. An obscenity had been spray-painted on his lawn as was the final score. It was McKelvin's fumble on a kick return with less than two minutes to play that allowed New England to win the first Monday Nighter of the year.

What possesses someone to do this? People like this take the game just a little too serious. I can sit here and rant about a Rider loss or a Seahawk loss or a Cubs loss or an Oilers loss or whatever. I go to bed and while I may toss and turn, the sun does come up the next day and my life goes on. So does yours. A win or a loss does not change the way life operates. Yeah, you might be a little happier if your team wins, but if they don't for some strange reason, do you snap. If you do, have someone find you a therapist a-s-a-p. If your life is centred on whether or not your favourite team wins or loses, then you my friend have a serious, serious problem.
I would think Jim Hopson or Eric Tillman or someone high up in the Rider organization has placed a phone call to CFL commish Marc Cohon asking for some clarification following this article by the Globe's Dave Naylor.
It would seem to me after reading that that the CFL offices should be cutting the Riders a cheque. I wonder who the two players were that didn't want to go on the nine game list.
The 2009 baseball season isn't even over yet and the sked for 2010 has been released. Jays fans in these parts can go to Minneapolis or Seattle again or they can go to Denver as Toronto will play three against the Rockies at Coors Field in mid-June.
The Old Spice commercials where the guy proclaims "I'm a man" takes the honor of being the dumbest one on TV right now.


Sammy said...

Pretty soon it will come to the point where players won't be buying homes but living in sky rises or condominiums etc.

I remember in the past when everyone wanted these players who come to play for the Riders or other teams to take up residence or make it their yearly home. Very few did and the one's who do make it their home we tend to have more respect for but this is why in the future it will be very rare to see anyone move to the city they are playing in or buy homes.

If the lack of loyalty or salary caps haven't diminished that enough then acts like this will definitely make a player think twice about moving his family or buying a home in the city they play in.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Bush league Posada. Too bad someone wouldn't have laid a lickin' on the cheap shot artist! What right does he have to be miffed when two Jays got beaned last night, and Ruiz took one square in the face last week? I guess Posada thinks he better than everyone else...what a chump!

Anonymous said...

The Old Spice commercials are bad---but funny in a cheezy kind of way.

What type of baseball atmosphere does Denver have? I may have to forsake a trip to Minny to see the Jays at Coors.


Anonymous said...

Naylor has updated his story this morning to say the CFL is looking into the discrepancy. He also names Dominguez and Flick as the players who wouldn't go on the list. Is this why Matt D isn't playing? Is this why Flick hasn't resurfaced anywhere? It would seem to me these guys aren't team players, but me guys. It disappoints me when it comes to Dominguez.


Anonymous said...

They aren't fans. They are idiots. There's no justification for these actions. Its just like people that post on message boards criticizing the team using an assumed name. The internet would be so much better if you had to actually post your own name. The vitriolic comments would come to an end then--or at least be severely reduced.

Reading the Naylor story leaves me very disappointed with Dominguez. Perhaps he isn't the team player I thought he was.

Chris G