Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get Winnipeg Back In The NHL/CFL Week 13 Picks

Watching the Oilers-Lightning game on TSN last night from Winnipeg just proved to me that the NHL needs to return to the Manitoba capital. I've heard people say this and say that about why it won't happen, but really, would hockey in Winnipeg succeed more than it has in places like Phoenix, Miami, Nashville, etc. etc. etc. It could be done. I am of firm belief of that. With the frenzy that Canadians have over hockey---especially those in Winnipeg---it would survive. Watching that game last night, I'm guessing Rick Tocchet didn't need to see who his 3rd and 4th line guys would be like they did in Regina as all the top guns played. Enough of that!
Kent Austin got a lot of props, he got a lot of camera shots sitting in the press box, but his offence sputtered and sputtered badly as South Carolina upset Ole Miss in NCAA football action Thursday night. I have to question the sanity of some of those who root for the South Carolina squad. The team is known as the Gamecocks and several times throughout the game, you could see fans wearing hats or sweatshirts with the word "COCKS" written on it. I think you know where I'm going with this.
A lot of debate on Wayne Gretzky's future and whether or not he will be an NHL coach again. My two cents is that Wayne will not be back behind a bench again because like it or not, he showed he can play the game, but not coach it. However, Wayne will have work again with an NHL team or with Hockey Canada. Has his reputation been tarnished from all of this. When I think of Wayne, I think of his time on the ice and not off of it, so no his reputation has not been tarnished as far as I'm concerned.
Lets go to the CFL and two games will kick off Week 13. I go into the week with a record of 27-17 after a 3-1 week that could have been 4-0 had it not been for those last second heroics by Ricky Ray. What happens this week----here ya go.


The Ti-Cats have improved and yes, they have a chance at toppling the Alouettes as Eastern Division champions. This game will be a measuring stick for both. Hamilton will find out just how good they are by having the Alouettes at home in what is the first meaningful game at Ivor Wynne Stadium in late September in a long time while Montreal will see just how much of a challenge their division rivals are. This game is in Hamilton and it will be a good one, but I see Montreal winning in a close one---perhaps on a last play Damon Duval field goal.


Rider coach Ken Miller said during his Thursday chat with the media that he wouldn't bet on CFL games because anyone can beat anyone. Darian Durant said the difference between the four teams in the west is execution and who can do what they want to the best because that will be what decides who finishes first and who finishes last. With the Lions having problems at the quarterback position because of injury, I have to take Calgary here.


The Eskimos have won two games at Mosaic that they maybe should not have won. The Riders go into a place where they don't win very often. Everything looks to say an Eskimo win. I should take an Edmonton win here, but for some reason I think the Riders pull one off like they did in Calgary this year. Miller will have his men ready for this one and it is so tough to beat a team three times in the regular season. I go with the Riders here.


Do I have to pick this game? Does anyone care about this game? I'm guessing people will be grabbing their remote hoping to see if Hockey Night in Canada is on. When that doesn't happen, they will take their wives or significant others out for supper or a movie and spend some quality time with them instead of having to watch the tripe we will see. If Bishop is quarterbacking Winnipeg, I take Toronto!

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Anonymous said...

The MTS Centre isn't big enough for an NHL team, but the team in Winnipeg would certainly draw more than others. Its an idea that should be considered especially when you do consider how crazed Canadian hockey fans are.

Can you imagine someone coming home with a daughter that goes to South Carolina and she visits the family for the first time with something that says "COCKS" on it?

Winnipeg-Toronto. The losing coach must vacate the territory.