Friday, September 4, 2009

No LDC For Fantuz

Riders head coach Ken Miller says the torn hamstring suffered by Andy Fantuz will cost him another game. He will not play against the Bombers on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

The Riders can win with or without Andy. This doesn't worry me.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware this blog is a thousand times better than the website of your previous employer? The same goes for Pedersen's. Look at the sports news on their sight and then look at what you and Rod put up if you want to know what I'm talking about. If the two of you worked together, CJME could just shut down their sports department.

Keep up the good work.

Aaron T

Anonymous said...

I agree about the quality of your blog and Rods, I rely on them for 98% of my info.

And to top it off the "new" sports talk on CJME is not near what ir was when you and Drew did it together, my kids and Iwould listen to you too banter while we had supper, the chemistry you two had is not easy to find and you and Drew had it...its still an ok show, but we don't listen to it durring supper any more

Keep up the awesome work and thanks


Anonymous said...

Can't disagree with what Aaron and Clark have said. The Green Zone is pathetic compared to what it was when you were there and Jamie Nye is like Wray Morrison light. Everything is so monotone with him. He would be perfect with CBC. He doesn't get Remenda going the way you did either. I rarely listen anymore and when I do, I just say that show isn't what it could be.