Friday, January 12, 2018

This And That

Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

--So Pats fans, how do you feel after the trade deadline?  I think many weren't disappointed to see Tyler Brown go as he was made out to be the whipping boy, but how do those people feel now knowing Brown is gone and your goaltenders down the stretch are Max Paddock and Ryan Kubic?

Nothing against those two, but they aren't as battle-tested in the playoffs as what Brown was.  Like you, I kept waiting for a goalie to shake out and come to Regina as the trade deadline inched closer and closer on Wednesday afternoon, but it didn't happen.

 In the end, head coach and general manager John Paddock mortgaged the future for a Memorial Cup run. He wasn't alone although he didn't do what other teams did. He had to do more knowing his team was in the tournament  9 players are here that weren't just a short while ago. 11 if you add Cale Fleury and Scott Mahovlich.  This team has not lived up to expectations this year and as a result, those deemed expendable were let go.  I am guessing it couldn't be easy for Paddock to let go guys like Brown, Bryan Lockner and Dawson Davidson who helped the team to a 52 win season last year, but at the end of the day he had to for whatever reason.  If the Pats are hoisting around the trophy at the end of the Memorial Cup, it will have been worth it.  The same can be said for Moose Jaw and Swift Current.  You have to roll the dice and hope the gambles pay off.  If not, why bother?

One does wonder though if the Regina Pats wouldn't have had the deepest pockets and were awarded the Memorial Cup last year how today would have been different.  Would Sam Steel still have been a Pat? Would Josh Mahura? The answer is no, and the return would have been spectacular.  That's what happens though when you are hosting the event.

Some say the 4 team tournament with the host team should be scrapped. Doing that would kill any revenue.  Would Regina and Saskatchewan hockey fans trot to the Brandt Centre to watch Tri-Cities or Everett as the WHL rep at the Mem Cup.  Nope!  People are bitching about the cost of the event now (surprise, surprise) and the Pats will be in it. If they weren't no one would be here.  I still say a five team tournament would be the best way to go with the format being the same as the RBC Cup and TWO games a day.  Who would that 5th team be? It would be the highest-ranked team still standing in the CHL Top 10 at the end of the playoffs, but it would also come from a league that isn't hosting meaning this year an Ontario or Quebec team. That's still not perfect, but it would be a welcome change.

--Did any team come out better at the deadline than the Saskatoon Blades? They got younger, but still kept a nucleus of players that should allow them to maintain a playoff spot with many draft picks being obtained for players like Cam Hebig, Bryan Lockner,and Libor Hajek.  It has been a while since a Saskatoon team flirted with top spot in the Eastern Division.  They have the right man behind the bench in Dean Brockman so perhaps times are a-changin in Bladesville.  This surely can't coincide with the arrival of Cliff Mapes can it? NOOOOOO!!

--I don't think its any surprise to see the Tampa Bay Lightning where they are with Steve Yzerman serving as GM. I don't think its any surprise to say they will be in the Stanley Cup talk for years to come. This is a team that currently has guys like Stamkos, Kucherov and Hedman leading the way.  They have a young group led by former Warrior Brayden Point and Mikhail Sergachev that they fleeced Montreal on in the Jonathan Drouin trade and the future looks bright too.

At the World Juniors, they had Brett Howden, Boris Katchouk, Cal Foote and Taylor Raddysh playing for Team Canada. They also have now-Pats blueliner Libor Hajek in the system. I think its safe to say this team isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

--Connor McDavid feels the NHL needs to scrap the video review when it comes to offside. I agree! The game wants offense and having something declared offside because a skate-blade is in the air at the line isn't getting the end result.  It also is tiresome when a team goes into the zone and has possession for 20-30 seconds before scoring only to have it called back.  It's a situation that needs tweaking.

--I've been of the opinion Johnny Manziel will not play a snap of Canadian football, and after the statement from his agent Monday, I am even more convinced of that.  What was that?  You want to be making big money when you have as much experience at being a CFL quarterback as many of us do? That's a pretty ballsy request from a guy who hasn't played football for quite a while and was actually kicked off the NFL's worst team. Have fun doing whatever you are going to be doing, because it won't be playing in the CFL with that stance.

I wouldn't throw more than 100-125 thousand at this guy and say if you want more, earn it with incentives.

--It would seem as if everyone has written off the Philadelphia Eagles going into their home playoff game against Atlanta.  Can you blame them? The Eagles have looked horrendous since losing Carson Wentz to injury.  The Falcons are rolling after beating the Rams.

The best team in football will be on display in Minnesota, but it won't be the team wearing purple.  The Vikings have a solid defence, but can they shut down a New Orleans team that looked much different than the one they beat in the opening Monday night game on the same turf.  I've got the Saints in what would be termed as an upset.

In the AFC, I've got New England and Pittsburgh winning.   Many are talking up the Jags because of their defence.  If they can hold Pittsburgh to 10 or less, they have a chance but I don't see that happening.  I also don't see the Titans coming within 10 of the Patriots.

--Would Marc Trestman leave the CFL again? 3Down Nation suggests he is on the list to be the Seahawks new offensive co-ordinator.  I don't see it happening even though Trestman does have a relationship with Pete Carroll.  Why would Trestman head back south of the border when he loves the CFL and the gig down south would not be a head coaching job.  I'll be stunned if it happens.  Being a Seahawks fan, I would also be a happy camper.

--Who has a job in the CFL next year? Kevin Glenn or Darian Durant.  I would have to think if Durant is released by the Alouettes, he will not have a job after the season he had. Glenn on the other hand should be able to find a home and it could be Edmonton as they are apparently interested if what Brock Sunderland told Rod Pedersen in Banff at the general managers meeting can be believed.  As you know that would give Kevin the circuit and complete the jersey collection.  That is of course unless Halifax beats him to retirement and starts play up.

--Has any show been more over-publicized than "The Launch"?  No thanks!

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The Pats are much improved on the back end, but goaltending is a question. There is no doubt Kubic and Paddock should have better numbers because of the improved D. Think Hyman and Pouteau will bring a huge physical dimension they were missing.

Anonymous said...

The Memorial Cup tied Paddock's hands last year because the team was so good so he couldn't start building for this year.

You can't try and trade Steel & Mahura this year because you are the host team.

Being the Memorial Cup hosts may not be all you think it is.


Anonymous said...

If the Blades didn't win deadline day, the Wheat Kings did. Regina wins short-term, but it is going to cost them big-time over the next few years.


Anonymous said...

The bad thing about the Pats is that with Brandon trading Clague and Kaspick, it likely means Regina catching them and having to play SC or MJ in first round.

Get that wild-card spot and going through Central likely means Eastern Division championship appearance.

Anonymous said...

Not the best solution for revising the MC format, but it is better than the current one.