Friday, January 26, 2018

This And That

Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

--The Calgary Roughnecks lacrosse team should be embarrassed with themselves.  In a move that reeks like the Stampeders not allowing Gainer into McMahon Stadium, the Roughnecks were not going to allow RushHulk (super fan Kelvin Ooms) into the Saddledome wearing his costume for Saturday's game.  This despite the fact they will allow Roughnecks fans to wear the costume of their favourite "Star Wars" character.

The excuses the Roughnecks have given are all hysterical and have quickly been shot down.  C'mon Calgary.  Why are you letting your petty jealousy for Saskatchewan get in the way of a good time! We know you hate it when our football teams play in your stadium because your fan base gets embarrassed by those who show up in green ----those who have a great time win or lose.  We're now going to extend that jealousy to our lacrosse teams?  Take the stick out of your derriere and enjoy life fellas!  Oh yeah, I guess I shouldn't be surprised to learn the Stampeders and Roughnecks are owned by the same group.   The team then came out and said he could wear his costume, but not behave like a mascot and that he had made demands. Where was that when the story first broke? Make that statement originally, and people might understand.  Sorry Roughnecks, you come off as real bad in this story.

--I wasn't surprised to see Duron Carter sign a contract with the Riders before free agency in a couple of weeks.  Carter wants to be here. You can see that.  He adds one of the reasons why he wants to be here is Chris Jones.  But, but I thought Jones was a bad guy??? (sarcasm off).   As for the coach and GM, he just continues to put the pieces in place for what should be a very good football team in 2018. There is still some work to be done, but this team will be challenging Calgary and Edmonton for first in the West if they stay healthy.   Some tweaks are still coming, but I don't think they will be drastic tweaks.  One of the few things needed is maybe some help on the defensive line.  With guys still out there like Zack Evans and Ted Laurent, I am confident the guys will be found.  If Keith Shologan still has something left in the tank and can come at the right price,could he find his way to Saskatchewan for a second stint?

--Getting back to Jones.  Why is it he was crucified by so many for telling a TSN cameraman to get the you know what out of the way while he was relaying signals during the East semi-final with comments of "no class", "ignorant" and other words being thrown his way yet when Tom Brady tells a cameraman to do the same thing as he is walking onto the field for the AFC Championship, he gets nothing in the line of criticism.  Double standard boys and girls???

--Speaking of teams that should be ashamed of themselves, the Toronto Argonauts are in the wrong with James Wilder Junior. If he is seeking a release to have an attempt at the NFL, why hold him back especially when you are paying him peanuts.  Now to be fair, Wilder did sign a deal at a relatively low price knowing full well what his family situation was like back home so he can't use that as an excuse to get more money. The Argos need to sit down with Wilder and either A) give him an out or B) sign him to a contract which is agreeable to both.  I think either can be done and done in relatively quick fashion.   With a new CBA needing to be drawn up, this situation will certainly have players saying the minimum salary needs to be bumped up from its current figure. He has put the league in a real dicey situation with this move.

--Believe it or not, the XFL is coming back. Vince McMahon is going to try it again with play scheduled to start in 2020 after the Super Bowl.  We know there will be eight cities, but we don't know what those cities will be.  I am guessing they will be warm weather ones with San Diego being one to alleviate the loss of the Chargers. Where else does he go and what will he do this time knowing the first time didn't work because of the some of the stunts he tried.  Where and how will the public experience these games as well.  Questions, questions, questions.  What impact will this have on the CFL? Time will tell!

--Had a great time chatting Allan Cup Senior Hockey with Keegan McAvoy of the Rosetown Red Wings on Thursday's Sportscage.  Senior hockey is something that thrives in small-town Saskatchewan. How can you not love it?  The Allan Cup is happening in Rosetown this year. That place will go nuts when the tournament is on. 

--The NHL all-star game is this weekend in Tampa. Please tell me when it's over.

--Many are squawking about goaltender interference after some debatable calls over the past few days.  I am guessing Jake Ireland is now working for the NHL. It's the only way that some of those calls can be explained.  Perhaps the NHL needs to look at that during the all-star break. 

--That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The CFL minimum salary is 56 grand? That's terrible! Guys must come up here for the love of the game. That needs a huge boost! If McMahon's minimum salary is 70-75 grand, there may be a few guys that stop thinking CFL is an option.

Anonymous said...

Not an Oilers fan, but that call and the one that went against Toronto this week were laughable. Change is needed in that area of game.

Anonymous said...

I think one place Vince could look at is st.louis.