Monday, September 28, 2009

Best And Worst Of The Weekend

If you're a sports fan, you have to love this time of year. You have CFL, NFL, NCAA football, the WHL has started, baseball is winding down the regular season and the NHL is about ready to drop the puck. There's no shortage of sports to see. What was the best thing you saw this weekend and what was the worst? Lemme know.
For me, the best thing was seeing the resiliency of the Riders and Darian Durant. Durant bounced back from two bad interceptions in the first quarter of Saturday's win to move the football team into scoring position. He did the same thing when it was needed the most in the 4th quarter.
The worst thing was those awful uniforms the Seahawks wore and the fact their field goal kicker Olindo Mare was pathetic missing two easy ones that arguably cost them the football game.


Anonymous said...

Worst was simply the seahawks uniforms.

Best was Favre in the last minute, the rider victory despite the mistakes.

Anonymous said...


I caught the end of the Riders win, and I will watch the tape as I had to miss it again. I finished the unauthorized biography of Roger Clemens titled, "The Rocket that Fell to Earth".

I finished the Roger Clemens titled, "The Rocket that Fell to Earth". I spent 20 years watching him pitch in the AL East, and he was my second favourite Baseball Player. To find out he was basically a fraud the past 10 years of his career was depressing to read. The personal escapades I could care less about, but he is not a valid 300 game winner, and his last 4 Cy Youngs are the equivalent of Ben Johnson's original track and field record.

Oh yeah, my favourite player of all time was Pete Rose.....sometimes you wish you didn't know.


Anonymous said...

Best thing was Mickleson winning Tour Championship. He deserved that after all the personal chaos he has been through this year with his wife.

Worst thing was seeing Hamilton get destroyed by Montreal. It would be nice to see the Alouettes get challenged by an Eastern team, but its not happening this year.


Anonymous said...

Brett Favre was without a doubt the best thing this weekend. The old guy can still chuck the football. I think he can take the Vikings to the promised land.

CFL officiating was the worst thing. The call involving Nik Lewis was just brutal.

Anonymous said...

Best - another weekend without listening (accidentally or otherwise) to CJME.

Worst - realizing this will likely be another looooooong year for the Pats.

Mitchell Blair said...

Be nice!!!

Clarkenstein said...

I noticed a couple things this weekend. The officiating in the CFL is truly the worst it has ever been!! Why should this be in this day and age? What kind of training do they go through? They miss obvious infractions and then call a penalty when there shouldn't be or is sketchy at best. Also, I would like to know how many penalties there have been this year on punts and kickoffs. Absolutely disgraceful for a professional league. I don't solely blame the refereeing for that... the teams have to take much of the blame.
The other thing that has always been there but lately I've paid a bit more attention to it is the atrocious tackling in the CFL. I think many of the athletes that come north could be in the NFL if they knew how to tackle? I watched a lot of the Indianapolis/Arizona NFL game last night and when they get a chance to tackle they punish you!!
One more thing... I think the Rider bench/sideline looks very disorganized during the course of a game. Is it just me? I love old Coach Miller but he saying NOTHING during the course of a game. Why is this?

Anonymous said...

Actually, if they were disorganized, they'd be running around screaming and waving their arms wildly. Calm would indicate they seem to know what they're doing.

Well, with the exception of Kavis Reed. But I digress.

Amazing how seem people think they can determine what sort of job a coach is doing by checking out his facial expressions.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

Best: Rider win

Worst: Having to miss the game because we were travelling. Who plans to travel when a Rider game is on, LOL!!