Friday, September 4, 2009

Gramps Would Be Proud

I think its safe to say Marc Mueller gets an A plus in his first start as quarterback of the University of Regina Rams. The grandson of the great Ron Lancaster was simply outstanding Friday night as the Rams beat Manitoba 28-10. Mueller was 24 of 34 for 360 yards with two touchdowns and no INT's. If you haven't seen Mueller, you might want to. He throws a great ball and one has to think he is only going to get better. You have to think Ronnie was smiling from above. It was noted the other night that Mueller walks up to the line of scrimmage after leaving the huddle the way Lancaster did. Take a look and you will see some similarities.


The Huskies beat Calgary 34-33 in overtime. The game was on Access and while I saw Calgary score the TD to make it 34-33, I didn't see why they didn't go for the convert instead electing to go for two. Did they have to go for two or did Dinos coach Blake Nill try to go for the win instead of the tie?? I admit I turned it once the TD was scored thinking the game was going to end in a tie. If it was the latter, Nill has a big set of onions on him, but he failed on this night. With Calgary and the U of S said to be the class of Canada West, that decision could come back to haunt him somewhere down the road.


I can't help but think the Alouettes got screwed last night. It only would have been tied, but Montreal scored a TD with a minute left on a 3rd and 1 only to have the play called back because of an error with the time clock. As you knew it would, the next play saw Montreal get stuffed on the 3rd and 1. Why is it controversy always erupts at B.C. Place and the Lions always come away smelling like a rose. Its B-S if you ask me. In the end, B.C. beats Montreal 19-12 and David Braley leaves smiling like a dog with a big old bone yet again. The win also means Wally Buono is now tied with Don Matthews for most career wins.


I applaud the University of Oregon for what it has done with running back Legarrett Blount. Blount punched a member of Boise State University after their game Thursday night. For that act, Blount was told by the University of Oregon that he can hang up his helmet and that his college career is done because the senior has been suspended for the season. Yes, Blount may have been provoked by Boise's Byron Hout, but punching him and then creating a near-riot is not the way to go. Blount embarassed the university and he embarrassed himself. People in the U-S say he went from being a late 2nd, early 3rd round pick in the NFL draft to perhaps not get drafted. (Hey Winnipeg, want this guy??)It sounds as if Blount was a malcontent and the school said they were tired of his act thus this move. Seems these days that more and more teams are getting rid of players that simply think they can do whatever without getting punished. I have no problem with that whatsoever.


The coach of the Swedish national womens hockey team thinks there should be hitting in womens hockey just like the mens game. Peter Elander says not allowing bodychecking is sexist and hurt's the games fan base. I couldn't agree more. Here's the whole story.....

If womens hockey gets to the point where bodychecking is allowed, it can't be long till women golfers have to tee off from the same spot as the men.


Roy Halladay showed why he's the best pitcher in baseball on Friday night. He silenced the Yankees to just one hit as he pitches a complete game 6-0 win. I can't believe its only Halladay's 2nd career one hitter and his first was just the 2nd start of his career way back in 1998 and in that game, he had a no hitter going through 8 2/3 innings. There's no way Toronto can get rid of this guy. Break the bank to keep him. Hell, if Rogers screws enough cellphone customers around the way they try and screw us around with my daughter's phone, they should have more than enough $$$$$.

BLOGGER NOTE: If looking to find a cellphone provider, do not select Rogers!!! My phone is through Sasktel, but Rogers had a better plan for students which is why the wife and I bought the phone through them for my teenaged daughter. NEVER, EVER AGAIN!!!!


The Pats lose 4-3 in a shootout to Brandon. Its just an exhibition game. Did Eberle get hurt? If the answer is no then I don't care.

Cheerleader trading cards. Yes its true....

I have 7 "Kelli's" and I don't care!!!


MIke from Vita, MB said...

I'm thinking that Montreal did not want to be responsible for Wally BooBoo losing his job, had the Lions lost last night. The Als played no where near the calibre they've played all season. If they wanted to play like a bunch of schmo's, they should have done it two weeks ago versus us. Trestman's reaction to the third down gamble wasn't very energetic. If he was really concerned, there would have been more hell to pay.

Anonymous said...

Calgary's coach decided to go for two instead of kicking the convert and prolonging the game.
I don't know about you, but I thought that game was more entertaining than BC-MTL.

Can the Jays clone Halladay?

Nice line on the womens hockey.


Anonymous said...

Mueller was outstanding. I don't know if the Rams can compete with the Huskies this year, but he will certainly rack up the yards.

Stephen LaRose said...

Mitchell, don't leave the fans hanging. Why is Rogers a poor cell phone service provider?

Mitchell Blair said...

Trying to add "mystery" charges to just about every bill we have received from them and poor customer service when you phone to complain about these "mystery" charges. BRUTAL!!