Thursday, September 3, 2009

I See Nothing Wrong With Criticizing Officials

If you're a football fan, (and I know many of you are) this is the best time of all isn't it. The CFL season is in full swing. The NFL is just getting ready to start as is both US and Canadian college football.
The NCAA season started last night and one of the games was a contest between North Carolina State and South Carolina. Former New England Patriots running back Craig James and Canadian native Jesse Palmer were doing the colour commentary on the game and in the 3rd quarter, a member of NC State was viciously thrown to the turf after a facemask---a facemask that wasn't called. Both James and Palmer went nuts on the official in question asking how he could ignore such a heinous foul. They ripped him from pillar to post. I loved it!
I think the guys in the striped shirts deserve criticism when its obvious to everyone that he has screwed up--yet they don't. I'm not saying they get a free pass, but they don't get it the way players do if they make a mistake. I can only imagine what James and Palmer would say in a CFL game involving Andre Proulx!
Watch sports these days on TV and you will see a player getting roasted for doing this wrong or doing that wrong, but officials may get questioned, but never criticized. They do a good job, but when they make a mistake, it should be noted.
No surprise that Glenn Healy has resigned his position on the NHL players association. The association is looking more and more like a joke these days. The firing of Paul Kelly was poorly done and I do believe armageddon is upon the hockey world again. I'm thinking some kind of sleaze element is permeating in the association and it means trouble for hockey fans. Be prepared for another winter without the NHL. It is going to happen.
Do you believe this Michael Bishop getting into a fight story after the Western semi-final in the Mosaic parking lot? Bishop brought it up during an "Off the Record" segment a while back and its been brought up again as he gets ready to return to Mosaic Stadium for the first time since that horrid performance against the Lions. I think if Michael Bishop or any Rider would have gotten into an altercation of some kind with a fan after the game that it would have been front page news in the days following that contest. Everyone would have been all over that and you know that whoever the "fan" was would be beaking about it. It wouldn't surprise me if some "fan" went over the edge and waited for Bishop to come out after the game, but getting into a fight with him---I just can't buy that.
I wonder what Jeff Jagodzinski is thinking this morning. At this time a year ago, Jagodzinski was the coach of the Boston College Eagles. He decided he wanted to apply for the New York Jets vacant head coaching position, but was told by Boston College if he went for an interview he would be fired. He went through with his interview and the school took the douchebag step of removing Jagodzinski. Jeff found work with Tampa as their offensive co-ordinator---until yesterday. After being hired in January, the Bucs fired him Thursday. He gets paid out for this year and I'm sure he'll find work with someone else whether it be in the pros or college, but he has to be wondering if this is what the pro game is all about.
I wonder what Marc Mueller is thinking this morning. Tonight, the new quarterback of the University of Regina Rams will take the field that his grandfather owned years and years ago as the CIS season opens with Regina taking on Manitoba. For those that don't know, Mueller's grandfather is the iconic Ron Lancaster. Mueller can play the game and play it well---he certainly has the pedigree. I just wonder if he's the next good Canadian quarterback to get snubbed by the CFL. Nothing against the U of R program, but I wonder if Mueller would be better off trying to play south of the border to enhance his chances of professional football. I hope by the time he graduates that the CFL has done something to give a Canadian quarterback a chance. Best of luck to Frank McCrystal and the Rams. They should be competitive this year and while they may not be the best team in the conference, they will be ready to fight each and every week. Frank wouldn't have it any other way.
Is there any way we can put some kind of gate up at the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border to prevent the annual Blue invasion from hitting. Like I've always said, come to Regina folks, have a good time, spend a lot of money and Sunday night about 6 o'clock, get the hell out with your tail between your legs again.
The Yankees will not win the World Series. The Cubs won't either.
Bob Barker is the guest host for next week's RAW! Will someone get spayed or neutered? Will the divas be Barker's beauties for a night and will Bob try to get his hands on them the way he did with Dian Parkinson. (You gotta applaud Bob for completing that mission too)I don't know what the plan is for Monday night, but lets hope there is no Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero match on tap. That story has run its course.
Yeah I know its pre-season, but the Seahawks went 4-0. I am highly confident they will re-assume their position atop the NFC West at the end of this season.


Mike from Vita, MB said...


We should get that gate that keeps the rats out of Alberta (one got through, Ralph Klein, LOL) and move it to the other border.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is worse---the striped shirts in hockey or football. I would love to see refs have to be accountable for themselves and answer questions in this day and age where video can show how brutal they are.

Marc Mueller might get a shot with a CFL team because of his heritage, but sadly I can't see him ever suiting up for a CFL team. That's too bad. Here's hoping he lights it up though.

Chris G

Anonymous said...

Arizona walks away with that weak division.