Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sundays Have Meaning Again

The batteries in the remote are fresh, and that's a good job because it will start getting its weekly workout again tomorrow. Yes, its the first Sunday of the NFL season. Sunday Ticket has been ordered, the beverages are cold and the snacks are salty. Add the first Sunday of the NFL to two CFL games including the Rider game and well like many of you, its hello couch and goodbye wife, girlfriend or significant other.

When I look at the Banjo Bowl, I really can't see Winnipeg winning unless the Riders soil the linen. Michael Bishop actually looks worse in a Bombers uniform than he did in a Saskatchewan uniform. You add the Barrin Simpson mess this week and I just think the Riders should go in and if they play their game, beat the Bombers again. That being said, both Wes Cates and Darian Durant said this week they will not overlook their prairie rivals as doing that could come back to bite them in the butt. I can't see Ken Miller letting his squad go over feeling over-confident.
I'm glad Global and CTV are more into the Riders than their counterparts in Winnipeg---especially CTV. I checked out their late night package just to see what was being said and I was highly disappointed to see just a 15 second sound bite from Winnipeg receiver Brock Ralph. That's it? Its the biggest game of the year and you give me a 15 second sound bite on the eve of the game. When you compare that to what you get here, that's brutal! Once again, that is why I say there is no better place than Regina when it comes to coverage of their teams.
Tough one for the Thunder in Saskatoon. They lose 18-14 to the Hilltops. It means Regina is now 3-2 on the season.
The Pats finally have a win. Brett Leffler gets 4 including the winner in overtime in a 6-5 win over the Blades. I wonder how many Leffler can get as a 20 year old this year. I would say 30-40 is not an unrealistic target. He will be needed especially if Jordan Eberle stays in Edmonton.
I know there are many Vikings fans out there, so someone needs to answer me a question. The University of Minnesota unveiled its brand new football stadium last night as they played Air Force. I don't know how many it seats, but it looks to be around 50-thousand. The question I have is whether or not this stadium is just for the Gophers or are the Vikings heading there soon. With the Twins leaving the Metrodome for Target Field(which looks to be a beauty), are the Vikings leaving the Dome soon as well and if so is the Dome a thing of the past. I have been to many sporting events at the Dome including the Twins-Cardinals World Series. It may have been the loudest place I've ever been in. I would be sad to see that building go, but I'm guessing if the Vikings have plans to leave than there will be no more use for the Dome.
Its a good job the NFL season is starting, because no one needs to watch the final round of the BMW Championship. Tiger shot a 62 on Saturday and goes into the final round with a meagre 7 shot lead on the rest of the field. I'm guessing he won't work up much of a sweat in the final round.
Has Dany Heatley asked for a trade out of San Jose yet?
To be quite serious for a moment, I can sit here and joke about sitting about watching football all day or asking about Dany Heatley and whether or not he is seeking a trade, but I do send condolences to everyone in the U of R Rams organization. An 18 year old player on the team died in a two-car crash near Prince Albert. I do not know how much of a role Spencer Borlase had on the Rams this year when it comes to on-field play, but I do know if he was on the Rams, he had to be a damn good football player and I'm guessing a damn good kid as well. Frank McCrystal does nothing but find good men to represent his club both on the field and in the community. The next few weeks will not be easy for the Rams or anyone else connected to Borlase. Once again, my condolences go out to those affected.


Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with the Seahawks and Riders on at the same time?

Hawker said...

The Vikings are also looking for a new stadium, also open aired. There are no plans for the Vikings to move the U of M field.