Friday, January 26, 2018

Another Argo Sounds Off Over His Contract

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James Wilder Junior has set the CFL abuzz with his decision this week not to play this year saying the Argos will not let him out of his contract and pursue NFL opportunities. Teammate Victor Butler is now throwing gas on the fire saying the same thing is happening with him.  Butler has written a piece for  You can read that statement here


Anonymous said...

Is this a Popp thing? Was this happening in Montreal? C'mon Toronto, be better!

Anonymous said...

Don’t blame the Argos for playing hardball will these two. They knew what they were signing when they signed on. If the Argos give in contracts in the CFL would be meaningless and chaos would ensue as many other players would do the same.

They are just two guys who want out and are getting bad advice from their agent. Is that agent the same guy who screwed Bridge by signing early?


Anonymous said...

Jim Popp should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Why would a rookie want an agent? Every rookie gets the same amount so why give some to those leaches.