Friday, April 12, 2019

This and That

-Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order.

--One innocuous,  and oh so stupid line got our football blood boiling this week.   Boston Globe columnist Ben Volin said he wasn't enamoured with the CFL because there was no "forward passing".  He might as well as dropped a napalm bomb on us.  From players to fans to teams, that one line sent everyone off their axis with everyone reminding Mr. Volin what the CFL is all about whether it be in snarky fashion or not.

It just shows again that the CFL is like our little brother.  You will poke fun at him and laugh at him and make his life a living nightmare, but if you see someone bullying your little brother, you will run and kick that bully's ass.  You can't put down the CFL.  We will put down the CFL dammit.  We've been doing it for years and it won't stop now.

--Corporate logos on jerseys.  We are seeing that in the NBA this year.  The idea was brought up if we should see it in the NHL.  I say no!  Should we see it in junior hockey?  It is certainly a revenue stream worth considering, but I would not like to go to a Pats game and see a little Brandt logo on one of their jerseys or any logo.  That's just me being the traditionalist I guess.

--The New Jersey Devils will draft first.  It is expected they will take Jack Hughes.  The NHL draft is in Vancouver.  The Canucks already have Hughes' brother Quinn.  What would it take for the Canucks to pry that pick away from New Jersey so that the Hughes could be the Sedins 2.0?  Obviously, the #10 pick would have to go the other way.  Would Vancouver trade a Brock Boeser, an Adam Gaudette, a Jake Virtanen or a Bo Horvat and something else to get Jack?  It wouldn't surprise me one bit.  The only untouchable on that team right now is likely Elias Petterson and for good reason.

--The Oilers will draft 8th.  What can you get for that pick?  I say trade it and find that puck moving defenceman you cherish.  I am sure there are teams who have blueliners they could part with.

--I've got Washington beating Nashville in the SC Final.  Who have you got?

--The St. Louis Blues are not only Saskatchewan's team in these playoffs (Bozak, Schwartz, Schenn---add Joel Edmonson if you want seeing he is a former MJ Warrior), but they are Canada's team as well as they have 19 Canadians on their playoff roster.

--You can't say you haven't been entertained from what you've seen in the first two nights of the playoffs.  How long can it last?

--Someone needs to explain why we continue to have the "whiteout" in Winnipeg when the Jets come out wearing blue uniforms.  The Flames and the "C of Red" have it right.  Cmon Winnipeg.  Either go to blue or wear the whites.  That being said, all home teams should wear their whites.

--Baltimore first baseman Chris Davis is 0 for his last 53.  I could do that!  How much $$$$ are the Orioles paying this guy!

--Did any of us think the Raiders and Blades wouldn't go back to Prince Albert tied at 2.  As expected, it has been a great series.

--Are you running out to get your Max Zimmermann jersey yet?

--The Rush are in San Diego Friday night and then back home to Philadelphia on Saturday.  On Thursday, the Rush's Brandon Urban told me the team won't get back into Saskatoon until mid-afternoon.  I would have thought the Rush (and other teams) would have a charter service, but apparently not.  What would happen if they got weather-delayed?

--The Swift Current Broncos have decided to no longer have games on radio with the decision being made to stream all their games online off the team's website.  I don't think that is the smartest move.  I'll be interested to see how this goes.  I wonder what Bronco fans think of it.  I wonder what other teams think of it---both junior and junior "A".

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

That Boston columnist might want to watch more than one CFL game before making that statement.

Anonymous said...

PA/Saskatoon makes me sad we didn't get Regina/Moose Jaw when both were good a couple of years ago.

Great hockey!

Anonymous said...

The move by the Broncos is incredibly short-sighted!

Anonymous said...

Cutting ties to radio broadcast initiated by a former politician. He did the same to vital programming while governing.

Anonymous said...

The above comment wins for stupidest comment of the day.