Friday, April 19, 2019

This And That

-Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order.

--Should we be surprised at the latest development in the CFL/CFLPA dispute?  If I were the association, I would be telling players not to report to the start of training camp either.   Here's the question I have.  Why not say you will work until a certain time during the season before walking off the job if no agreement is reached.   Get some game cheques in your pocket and set an ultimatum of August long weekend.

Playing a month of football and then walking away if no deal was reached would have a far bigger impact than the first few days of training camp in my opinion.   It might have the league sit up and take notice as well.  I am guessing they would be much more willing to talk when the season was on when the threat of missed home game revenue now lurks.   I am also guessing TSN would then throw their hat in the ring and tell both sides to quit screwing around and get a deal done.   Just my two cents.

--The Edmonton Eskimos won't be changing their name anytime soon and by the sounds of it nor should they.  Since an erroneous report surfaced earlier this week saying a name change to "Empire" was imminent, the discussion has heated up again.   From what I hear from many in Edmonton, those in the North and the Inuit community aren't seeking a name change. It is just the moral minority doing what they can to upset the applecart.     Hey, if we change the Eskimos, we better change the name REDBLACKS because of racial connotations,  we can't have Winnipeg be known as the "Bombers' because bombers spark thoughts of terrorism.  How about we just get rid of nicknames altogether and just say Edmonton is playing Saskatchewan and Calgary is playing Ottawa. Of course, I am being 100 percent facetitious when saying all this.  I have no problem with Eskimos and apparently many others don't either.  Have the talks and do your due diligence, but don't do anything stupid.

--The Drake Curse is alive and well after he was spotted wearing a Leafs jersey during Game 4 of Toronto's series against Boston. Can we please get Drake a Calgary Stampeders jersey? I hope he knows he looks horrible in green too.

--If hockey were a 55 minute game, the Winnipeg Jets might be unbeatable.  How many times have the Jets blown 3rd period leads in the last six weeks.   Once St. Louis scored to make it 2-1 in Game 5, you could see how it was going to end.

--Was there anyone out there who had Columbus beating Tampa in 4? Anyone?

--How much longer until the 2019 WCBL season starts and we can start heading to Currie Field to watch the Regina Red Sox?

--On paper, one would think the WHL final will see the Prince Albert Raiders taking on the Vancouver Giants.  One also knows you don't play the game on paper.   Both series appear to be heavily in favour of P-A and Vancouver, but you just never know at this time of year.

--Thank you Eddie Steele!  The former Riders d-lineman went to social media to announce his retirement. Steele was just as valuable off the field for the Riders as he was on it.  He is one of those guys you wish nothing but positives for moving forward.

--The Riders have four quarterbacks going to camp with the signing of Isaac Harker.  Somehow I still believe another experienced signal-caller comes in before camp.  With Chris Jones here, I would have said there is no way you see Kevin Glenn here again, but would Jeremy O'Day bring him back?  If Collaros goes down, the Riders may be sunk.  A full season of Zach Collaros under center may be too high of an expectation considering his recent injury history.

--The CFL's decision to give Toronto and Montreal territorial draft picks is so ludicrous.  This should be happening for all teams and not just two.  What is the rationale behind this?

--When you have the debate about the greatest athlete of all time, where do you start when it comes to the qualifications one must have. Is it more than wins?  Tiger, Jordan, Gretzky, Muhammad Ali are just four right off the bat.  Its a debate where there is no winner.

--Are you a turkey house on Easter, a ham house or both?  Whatever it is, have a great Easter weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Babcock. Drake Curse is the dumbest thing ever, but hey let's buy him a Stamps jersey just in case.

Anonymous said...

Like the idea of starting the season and then walking away if no CBA is reached, but I am guessing technically that can't happen. If it can, why not?