Monday, June 17, 2019

Something to "Mitch" About

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--I have said it before. I will say it again.  I have nothing against Zach Collaros, but it is time for him to take a serious look at his career and whether or not it should continue.  While Head Coach Craig Dickenson would not officially say if Collaros suffered another concussion Thursday, it is evident that when he is put on the six-game injured list that he did.

At what point does Collaros say enough is enough.  Does someone in the organization have to make that call.  While the league preaches player safety, how much of a role does the organization play in that?  Does Jeremy O'Day say it's time to hand in the playbook for the right reason which is the future of Collaros off the field which is much more important than his role on the field.  At the end of the day, Collaros must realize his future is more important than the present and say enough is enough.

--What is taking the league so long when it comes to what discipline will be handed out to Lawrence?  This should be a simple process whether it be over the phone or in person.  The fact the league has waited so long on this is troubling.  You don't see this happen in the NHL where justice is handed out within 24-36 hours.  We should have known about his punishment by Saturday morning at the latest. Some believe Lawrence should be handed a six-game suspension.  That is ludicrous.  The league isn't going to suspend someone for a third of the season no matter how cowardly and gutless the play was----which it was.  I say Lawrence gets two games and with an appeal, it gets reduced to one.  Do I think that is BS---yes I do, but why would I think anything different when I have seen the recent history.

**UPDATE:  On Monday morning, the league announced a two game suspension for Lawrence

--Take for example, the "discipline" given to Ottawa's Jonathan Rose and former Ottawa, now Edmonton, receiver Greg Ellingson.

The league said this week Rose will be fined and not suspended for pushing an official in last year's Eastern Final. You may remember he appealed the suspension that allowed him to play in the Grey Cup.  They also fined Ellingson after a criminal act in December where he failed to provide a breath sample. At the time, the league said Ellingson was banned from team activities.  What activities would those be when the season was over?  Was he not allowed to go to games night or chili night with his teammates still in Ottawa?

Charleston Hughes did the same thing and was internally suspended by the Riders last year for a game. It should have been the league doing so, but they turned a blind eye to that case much like they did to this one. Its embarrassing!

--Speaking of cheap hits, why wasn't more made on the Cory Greenwood hit on Mosses Madu in what I believe was the 4th quarter of the Ottawa-Calgary.  It was basically the same as the hit on Collaros. Is it because Madu isn't a quarterback?  If the CFL is serious about those hits, kick the player out and suspend them----or at least try to.

--So what did we think of Week 1?  The biggest surprise of the week had to be the Redblacks walking into Calgary and beating the Stamps.  This despite the fact Ottawa QB Dominique Davis threw four interceptions.  The Ottawa D basically silenced Bo Levi Mitchell and the Stamps in the second half.  Who does have Ottawa have next?  Oh yeah! SIGHHH!

--The Lions and Bombers went up and down the field with Matt Nichols and Mike Reilly shredding secondaries.  That was a fun game to watch especially seeing Jeff Hecht give the chicken wings to Duron Carter.   I guess Jeff missed seeing Duron get lit up by a d-back a drive or two earlier and hang onto a pass.

--With the talk of reducing the ratio happening in the off-season, how nice was it to see BC start 10 Canadians instead of the needed 7.

--Trevor Harris lit up the Montreal secondary for 400 plus yards, but is that really a surprise?

--There has been some suggestion the Raptors win is "tainted" because the Golden State Warriors did not have a full lineup with two of their best players--Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson---missing a chunk of time due to injury.  Stop it!  Injuries do play a role, but it is part of the game and sadly for Golden State, it hit them at the wrong time.  If the roles were reversed and Toronto had to play a good portion of the finals without Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry, the same thing would have been said.  Do I think the series would have gone seven had Thompson not gotten hurt in Game 6? Yes I do, but it didn't happen---que sera sera!

The parade goes in Toronto today.  Some say they are using the route the Leafs have wanted to use for quite a while.  When and if Kawhi Leonard speaks, it will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts and yells for him to stay.  If he goes, it will be a season Raptors fans will always remember and it will likely be a one and done with no guarantee he can do it again with whoever.   If he stays, he has the chance to do it again with his team and cement himself as one of the NBA's all-time greats by winning a 3rd title. In the meantime, Raptors fans will be on pins and needles awaiting the decision.

Some believe the Raptors win is the greatest moment in Canadian sports history.  Those need to take a history lesson on the Paul Henderson goal in Moscow, the Sidney Crosby goal in Vancouver, Mike Weir winning in Augusta, the Joe Carter homer off of Mitch Williams.  Do I need to continue? The accomplishment is big, but its not the biggest.

--With the Lakers getting Anthony Davis and the Warriors knowing they won't have Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant next season, is it safe to say the NBA Finals will be Golden State free in 2019-20? I don't know at this time if the Lakers have enough to get back to the championship, but Golden State certainly has been hit hard with many teams like Portland, Denver and Houston ready to try and take that step.  Add the Clippers to that list if Leonard signs there.

--While those involved with the Leafs are ecstatic with the Raptors success, I wonder what they are really thinking behind closed doors knowing the basketball team got it done before they did.  The Raptors win doesn't hurt the Leafs brand, but it doesn't help it either.

--After seeing Brett Hull at the Blues parade this weekend, I can only hope he doesn't spend any time in the off-season with Ovechkin.  What a mess!

--How many trades are we going to see leading up to the NHL Draft?

--I kept waiting for Gary Woodland to falter in the final round of the US Open.  He gave us indications he was ready to, but he found the right shot when he needed it---especially on 14!  Going for the green in 2 when in the lead took some onions, but that is what champs need to do and he did it with basically a tournament-clinching shot.

--It is my sincere hope that someone beats the US Womens Soccer team at the World Cup. What a group of role models that squad is!

--If you want to talk about a role model that makes a country proud,  let's talk about Brooke Henderson!  I think those of us in Regina knew that almost a year ago though right?  The fact she is 21 and is already the most successful Canadian golfer ever is amazing because you know she isn't even close to being done.

--That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

If Rose gets squat for shoving an official, why would anyone think Lawrence will eventually end up with more than a fine.

It's just another reason as to why the CFL is and always will be Mickey Mouse. When does NFL season start?

Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder what Zach's family is saying to him. You also gotta wonder why the Riders didn't actively seek a trade for someone who wasn't damaged goods like Collaros. I wondered what would happen when he got his first real hit. While that hit was dirty, the result stayed the same.


Anonymous said...

After the game Thursday, Dickenson said he was taken out for precautionary measures and he seemed fine.

Sunday, Dickenson won't say he is concussed, but he is put on six game list and says he won't be with us for a while.

Can we please have some honesty? If he is not going to be around for a while, it does mean he has suffered a concussion. Perhaps we need to hear from Zach himself.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Raptors

A loss to Golden State without Kawhi and Kyle would have provided Raptors fans with an excuse.
injuries are a big part of the game. With KD and Klay, Golden State likely wins the series. We will never know.

Kawhi should sign a three year deal in Toronto. The nucleus is there to make a Golden State like run.

Thinking that is the greatest moment in Canadian Sports history is so misguided its not even funny.

Good read today!