Sunday, June 16, 2019

Collaros Put On 6 Game IL

Riders Head Coach Craig Dickenson said today Zach Collaros has been placed on the six-game injured list and won't be with the team for a while.  While saying Collaros is on the six-game list, he would not say whether or not Collaros suffered a concussion when hit by Simoni Lawrence on the 3rd play from scrimmage Thursday night.  Dickenson would not say if Collaros will remain on the six-game list for the whole time or if he might come off early.

When asked what he thought about the hit, Dickenson said it was worthy of a 25-yard penalty, but he would go no further than that.

When it comes to who the quarterback will be Thursday in Ottawa, Dickenson says Cody Fajardo and Isaac Harker will fight it out to see who gets the start.


Anonymous said...

I am so disgusted by Rider management that re-signed Collaros. So many people feared for this player's safety and even life. Now his long-term health is at major risk and the team is screwed for 2019.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the team reached out to Glenn, but the $$$$ weren't even close to what he was looking for.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Anonymous said...

I like Bennett, but he isn't the answer now. If Collaros is done, they win 6 games max this year.