Monday, April 13, 2009

The Bruins Win The Cup???

Who needs the playoffs??? If EA Sports is right with their NHL 09 simulation then the Boston Bruins will be hoisting hockey's holy grail sometime in June. The company says the Bruins will beat Chicago in the final. Uhhhhhhhh..I don't know about that!
We will find out later today who gets the first pick in the NHL draft. If all goes to form it should be the New York Islanders who select John Tavares first overall. Other teams that have a shot at the number one pick include Tampa, Colorado, Atlanta and L-A. Nothing against the Islanders but I would like to see one of the other teams win the lottery. In fact I would like to see more teams in the lottery. The NHL should make it so that every team that is not in the playoffs has a chance at selecting first at the draft. It would make things a little more exciting.
The Blue Jays keep slugging out the hits and recording the victories but they have a big problem on their hands and that is no starting pitching. With A-J Burnett running to the Yankees in free agency, Shawn Marcum undergoing surgery and Dustin McGowan a couple of months away from getting back in the rotation as he rehabs from surgery, there is concern now over Jesse Litsch. He went only three innings in Monday's win over Minnesota and will have an MRI on his arm. If Litsch is out for any amount of time, it will be time for the Jays to start calling up pitchers from Triple A or making a deal with someone. Maybe they can convince Pedro Martinez to play north of the border. Those excited about the Jays start had better temper that excitement somewhat.
Michael Bishop is playing football again. He is now with the Corpus Christi Hammerheads of the Indoor Football League and he won his first start completing 11 of 18 passes for 149 yards in a 37-17 win over El Paso. (This game must have been on ESPN 3 or 4)Just typing the name Michael Bishop makes me ill. I really wonder where the 2008 Riders could have gone had Darian Durant not broken his ribs. That play to me was the biggest one of the season. If Durant stays healthy, Bishop is never, ever wearing green.
What's your first round NHL upset? Anaheim couldn't beat San Jose could they??


Shanofer said...

Columbus beats Detroit, there's your upset.

Devils-Bluejackets Final, you heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

I think the Ducks can take out San Jose and I also think St. Louis can grind one out over Vancouver. Would Philly beating Pittsburgh be an upset because the Pens have home ice. I think the Flyers win the East and play Detroit in the final.


Mike from Vita said...

The league Bishop is playing in is the "Ironman" football League.

You want another upset...Montreal beats Boston...looking at the statistics, when was the last time Montreal lost to Boston in the playoffs? 70's? 60's? I'm hoping the jinx ends this year, but I'm not holding my breath.

I too think that Columbus can beat the Wings...