Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Drought Continues

Saskatchewan will have to wait for yet another year to have a team that is a WHL champ. The Saskatoon Blades saw a tremendous season in which they registered 100 plus points end far too prematurely on home ice as they were beaten 4-3 by Lethbridge in what was a pretty good Game 7 unless of course you’re a Blades fan. I and many others thought at the start of this series that Lethbridge could upset Saskatoon. I thought it would be tough because the Hurricanes had A) three NHL first rounders and likely a 4th in Carter Ashton and B)they had playoff experience and Saskatoon had very little. In the end those two factors were huge. Two of those three first rounders—Zach Boychuk and Luca Sbisa—had two of the Lethbridge goals and the Hurricanes looked like the more composed team.

The question remains what will it take for a Saskatchewan based team to win the WHL. The Moose Jaw Warriors were the last Saskatchewan team to be in the league final and the Swift Current Broncos were the last team to win the league title and that was a long, long time ago. I have brought this up and so has Jon Keen—the outstanding voice of the Swift Current Broncos. What is it about the Saskatchewan teams?? Why do the Alberta teams have all the success. Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Red Deer have all had great runs and Edmonton seems poised to be ready to make one. The Saskatchewan teams aren’t inferior to the Central division teams are they. Do players not like playing on the frozen prairie??
I don’t know what the answer is but I’ve had enough of it. I think the Blades will be strong again next year, I think Regina will be better and I think Swift Current should be right up there again. Prince Albert will improve and Moose Jaw needs another year. With Brandon hosting the Memorial Cup, you know they will be strong. By the way Jon if you are reading this, I am telling you again what I have told Peter Loubardias and Rod Pedersen and that is its time for you to graduate and take that step up that many of the players you have called over the past few winters take. Peter is living his opportunity, Rod will get his some day and son its time for you to start looking for that opportunity. I told you that last year and I’m telling it to you again.

Mixed reaction to the three way trade involving Adarius Bowman. A lot of people think the Riders should not have gotten rid of the 2nd year receiver because of the potential the Oklahoma State product had. No doubt Bowman is a talent…he is big and he is fast but his problem is his hands. He had a bad case of the dropsies as you know in 08. Receiver is the Riders strongest asset right now and with this deal they not only get a good young offensive lineman who is from Saskatchewan but they get another pick in the CFL draft and it’s a top 10 pick.
Lets see how this deal works once the regular season occurs. One person says Bowman could be the next Jamel Richardson. Yeah he could be but he also might be another Demetris Bendross. By the way, this deal has Eric Tillman written all over it. Despite the legal problems hanging over his head, Tillman continues to do what he feels is best for this football team. He may not be doing it from his office but the passion this man for this sport and this organization has been proven. Eric if you read this(and I somehow think you do), nice job! By the way for those wondering who Tyler Roehl is…..

Can a North Dakota state guy co-exist in a dressing room with North Dakota grads Dressler and Schultz. We might find out!!!!

The International Olympic Committee has approved a new logo for Hockey Canada to use on its 2010 Winter Olympic jerseys. Details of the exact design will be unveiled soon, but Rene Fasel, the president of the International Hockey Federation, says it looks very nice. The 2010 jersey will also incorporate the logo of the 2010 Games themselves, which is an inukshuk hovering over the five Olympic rings.
That logo will likely go on the sleeve, while the logo of the Canadian Olympic Committee will feature elsewhere. "It's going to be on the sweater where it will be quite apparent while the player is wearing the jersey on the ice,'' said Michael Chambers, president of the COC. While the designs have been approved, a few details remain to make sure the jersey fits within the IOC's rules, including exactly where the logos are placed. Hockey Canada officials have said that while they will design a new jersey for the Olympics, they plan on keeping the current logo of a hockey player skating through a maple leaf for future use.
Bottom line. A jersey has come out that will have Canadian hockey fans (including me out of all likelihood) plunking down some coin to get something with that new logo on it. I can’t help but think this is one gigantic cash grab and we are going to buy it hook, line and sinker.
How good was Premier Brad Wall on “Off the Record” yesterday?? Who’s kidding who, the Premier should have a sports roundtable once a month at a sports bar in Saskatoon and Regina. Sitting down over some nachos and beers discussing the world of sports with the Grand Poobah. Hell, I’d even moderate that!! It would be a huge hit. By the way, I am told through certain circles that Mr. Oakland Raiders fan has an autographed Chicago Bears helmet in his possession. Is Brad getting ready to perhaps cross the floor. Has he not renewed his subscription to the Raider Nation??? Whats the answer to that Mr. Premier??!! In all honesty, you really should be a supporter of the Seattle Seahawks seeing Saskatchewan’s presence in the NFL is employed by that squad.
Congrats to U of R Cougar mens hockey player Kyle Ross and track and field's Janine Polischuk. They were named the Cougar male and female athlete of the year at the Cougar awards banquet on Wednesday night.
Have you seen this. This is Oilers prospect Linus Omark who pulled off quite the shootout move during an international contest between his Sweden team and Switzerland. Take a look…..

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Mike from Vita said...

A UND and a NDSU grad in the same dressing room is like a UofS Huskie and a Regina Ram in the same room. Rivals when competing, teammates in the same locker room.