Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remembering the 60's

From the CFL offices.....

All eight Canadian Football League teams will pay tribute to the "one of the greatest decades in Canadian football history"

Toronto, ON - (April 8, 2009) - It's famous for stars so bright they still shine today, half a century later, and a fog so thick you couldn't see the score.

Canadian football of the 1960s is renowned for the 1962 Fog Bowl, the Grey Cup played in "pea soup" so dense the game had to be played over two days, and the emergence of CFL icons Russ Jackson, Ron Lancaster and Angelo Mosca, legends still revered by fans from coast to coast.

So it's entirely fitting that this season CFL Retro celebrates the Sixties, and does so in a style not seen in these parts since Pierre Trudeau presented the 1969 Grey Cup in an avant garde cape and matching knit hat.

All eight CFL teams, resplendent in sixties throwback uniforms from Reebok, will play in Retro games scheduled from July 16th through September 26th. And every team gets at least one Retro home game.

Sixties inspired sideline gear and fan wear designed by Reebok and Reebok by Roger Edwards will be available at our stadiums, team stores, at retail and online at will feature vintage audio and video from the era. And our fans will be invited to get involved in the celebration in a special online initiative that will be announced soon. And that's just the beginning.

"Honouring our legacy is an important part of building our future," said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon. "So everyone across our league is very excited about including all of our teams and fans this year in a celebration of the sixties."

Last year, the league marked the 1950's in a home and home series featuring the Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who played in the famous Mud Bowl of 1950.

"That success, and the special place the sixties have in CFL lore, prompted us to decide to take the initiative league wide in 2009," said Rob Assimakopoulos, senior vice-president of marketing for the league.

"This is a chance for all of us to appreciate what we have in the CFL, by honouring part of the foundation upon which our league is built. And it promises to be a lot of fun for everybody."

Season's tickets for the 2009 CFL season are on sale now. CFL single game tickets go on sale June 1.

Here's a complete schedule of this year's CFL Retro Games:

Wk Date Teams Local ET TV
3 Thurs July 16 BC @ EDM 7:00 9:00 TSN
3 Fri July 17 TOR @ CGY 7:00 9:00 TSN
3 Sat July 18 MTL @ SSK 1:00 3:00 TSN/RDS
3 Sat July 18 WGP @ HAM 6:00 6:00 TSN
6 Fri Aug 7 SSK @ BC 7:30 10:30 TSN
7 Sat Aug 15 MTL @ WPG 7:00 8:00 TSN/RDS
8 Fri Aug 21 SSK @ MTL 7:30 7:30 TSN/RDS
10 Mon Sept 7 TOR @ HAM 4:00 4:00 TSN
11 Fri Sept 11 HAM @ TOR 7:00 7:00 TSN
11 Fri Sept 11 CGY @ EDM 8:00 10:00 TSN
13 Sat Sept 26 SSK @ EDM 4:00 6:00 TSN


Portuguese Sensation said...

Two things...

1. How does Edmonton get THREE home games with the retro jersey?

2. I can't wait three seasons from now when the CFL honours the 90's - maybe all the teams can "for one game only" change their names to that of their now deceased American expansion cousins. The Riders should call dibs on the Barracudas.

Anonymous said...

How does Edmonton get three home games and Saskatchewan only one. What goes on here???