Monday, April 20, 2009

From Great Whites To Guppies

That is how one of the talking heads on XM Radio's Home Ice referred to the San Jose Sharks after their 3-2 loss to Anaheim Sunday night. That loss means the Presidents Trophy champions are two losses away from a major upset at the hands of their California rivals. Once again, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau were virtually invisible and they will have to be a force if this team is to rebound. Two other questions came up after this game from the talking heads.
1)Could a performance like this by Thornton mean he is not a part of Team Canada in Vancouver
2)Who has soiled the linen more--the Sharks or the Capitals.
One would have to think Team Canada brass are noticing Thornton just doesn't want to raise his game to the level needed when it counts the most and that San Jose is the team who has soiled the linen more. Maybe Ron Wilson wasn't the problem. I think its safe to say if this team bows out in the first round that it will be time to implode this thing and work from the ground up.
The Canucks are one game away from the 2nd round. They beat St. Louis 3-2 to take a 3-0 lead in that series while New Jersey beat Carolina 3-2 in overtime to take a 2-1 lead there. I didn't see much of those two games so I can't really comment on what happened. Being on home ice was certainly what Philly needed as they trashed the Penguins to get back in that series still trailing though 2-1.
So lemme get this straight. Mike Camalleri sucker-punches Martin Havlat and gets away with nothing but Milan Lucic in defending himself from a charging Maxim Lapierre gets a game. OK!!! I sometimes wonder what color the sky is in Colin Campbell's world.
Vancouver evens the WHL West final at one game apiece. They beat Kelowna 4-3 in overtime as Casey Pierro-Zabotel scored in the final minute of period 4. With all of the O-T Vancouver is playing, that is playing right into the hands of the Rockets. Vancouver must be tired. In the East final, Calgary makes it 10 straight wins as they knock off Brandon 5-4. Brett Sonne getting the winner with about 7 minutes to play.
The new Yankee Stadium is becoming a home run haven. There have been 25 homers hit in the five games played at the new facility. Its already earned the nickname Coors Field East. With that pitching staff the Yankees have, they might be clamoring for a move back to the old place very, very soon.
I realize we are still very early in the season but Toronto rookies Travis Snider and Ricky Romero have been pleasant surprises. Snider was expected to be a rookie of the year candidate but I don't think anyone was expecting Romero to be as good as he has been. Toronto needs him and David Purcey to give them 6 innings a start until Dustin McGowan and Jesse Litsch get back. I've already heard some Blue Jays fans say this team is going to be a contender. Lets see where they are at the end of June.
I see the poll question involving Matt Dominguez is very close as to whether you think he will be a Rider when training camp starts. There are obviously many questions that Rider fans have when it comes to big number 88 and his knees. He says he's fine and ready to play. I'm guessing if the doctors have said that to the organization that he will be back. However, the Riders haven't made an offer and either has any other team as far as I know. Perhaps that tells you that Dominguez isn't 100 percent or teams are scared to pay him a big salary knowing he could go down at any moment. For Matt's sake I do hope he latches on somewhere preferably here because he doesn't want to go until he is told he can no longer do what he loves. If he feels he has one more play in him, he wants to take the field. He can't be blamed for that. Teams can't be blamed though for shying away knowing he may still be a risk. The other question is how much does Dominguez want. I would think a very small salary with a lot of big bonuses in the contract for games played, catches, touchdowns, etc. etc. is whats needed.
I'm hearing I wasn't the only one who got screwed by Ticketmaster Saturday in an attempt to get AC/DC tickets. Many people I know did get some but many others did not. I find it real interesting how tickets were being sold at inflated prices just moments after they went on sale. Ticketmaster is evil....evil I say!!!!!
I hope Dale Derkatch isn't allowed to twist in the wind much longer. Whether or not he comes back as coach of the Pats or not, he is too good a guy to have this situation hang over his head. Its either time to endorse him and announce his return or to say he had his chance and who's next......and why do I keep hearing Curtis Hunt's name. Could he really be interested in coming back???? After the gong show he was involved with last year in Ottawa, I probably wouldn't blame him if he did call Brent Parker. The only thing I ask is if the NHL comes calling again would Curtis go??? If he would, Parker simply can't allow him to come back.
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Anonymous said...

I knew the Sharks couldn't get it done in the playoffs. Everyone got all excited over their start. Did anyone see how they finished. They were under 500 the last two months of the season. I've got Getzlaf, Perry and Pronger in my pool and I have Ryan Callahan from the Rangers too. I'm liking my chances!!!!

Mike from Vita said...

Regardless how well or poor Joe Thornton plays, he will NOT be invited to Team Canada's training camp for the 2010 Olympics. There are too many other, better forwards, plus he will come up against Lecavalier for the last position. Thornton isn't as clutch when it comes to scoring goals. Even the good Saskatchewan boy, Patrick Marleau won't be able to crack this exclusive group, but Getzlaff will.

Anonymous said...

There is no way Curtis Hunt comes back to Regina. I think Derkatch will be back but he's on a very short leash. Maybe Parker should coach...HA HA!!!