Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Someone Answer This Question For Me

In the past, the Detroit Red Wings have put up great numbers only to have people come playoff time say the Wings only had the record they did because they padded their stats against weaker Central Division teams. I'll give you that as Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville and Columbus were teams that didn't do very well. That can't be said this year as the Hawks, Blues and Jackets are all in the playoffs yet Detroit still managed to rack up 112 points.

The reason I ask this question is I am hearing no one talking about the San Jose Sharks padding their stats this year. After all, the Sharks got a lot of their wins against divisional rivals and the only team in their division to make the playoffs were the Ducks. Dallas, Phoenix and L-A all missed out. Why isn't one criticizing the Sharks the way the Wings were picked apart. Is it just a hate of Detroit or something else?? If everyone says the Wings padded their stats against a weaker division than the same argument must hold true for the Sharks.

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Good argument!!