Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thumbs Up To TSN

Last year, the CFL draft could be seen on a webcast through TSN. I thought Rod Black and Duane Forde did an excellent job with that webcast and I wondered on an edition of the Drew Remenda Sports Show if TSN should just abandon the webcast idea and let Canadians from coast to coast enjoy the draft without sitting behind a keyboard. TSN is indeed to going to let you see the CFL draft on your TV. The network saying today the first two rounds of the draft will be shown on the network starting at 9 AM Regina time May 2. Make no doubt about it, this won't have the glitz and glamour of the NFL draft that will be on this weekend but this is a good sign. Good job TSN!!

BTW: Thanks for the kind words Barry T. I'm sure I'll run into ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

TSN covering the draft is good, however, Rod Black does NOTHING well. Magnum P.I. should stick to calling dog shows. I mute him everytime!