Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MacT Is Out

Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini says Craig MacTavish will not be coaching the Edmonton Oilers next year. "I'm here to announce we're making a change as far as our head coach," Tambellini said today at a noon press conference."It's time to look forward here. I think this is the right thing for Craig. There's a mutual agreement on where we need to go as a team."We need more strength. We need more grit," Tambellini said of the team the Oilers iced this year. "One thing I will not put up with is an unemotional game.""We have people here with skill and I want to see it."

BLOGGER NOTE: I guess that text Daryl Katz sent to Oilers analyst Bob Stauffer a couple of weeks ago saying MacT isn't going anywhere meant absolutely nothing. Let the guessing game begin!!! Pat Quinn anyone??!!


Dave B said...

I posted on Rod's blog that I think Brent Sutter will be the Oil's next Head Coach. He wants to be closer to home and he will demand the kind of work ethic, accountability and discipline that is sorely lacking in E-town.

What do you think Mitch?

Mitchell Blair said...

I would certainly endorse it Dave. (Like my endorsement would mean anything!)