Friday, April 3, 2009

Can Anyone Derail The Hitmen??

One would be hard pressed think the Calgary Hitmen could go unscathed through the WHL playoffs but they are showing they are more than capable of doing that. The Hitmen destroyed Lethbridge 7-1 in Game 1 of their 2nd round series. Paul Postma, Brandon Kozun and Joel Broda each had a pair for the Hitmen who have allowed just four goals in their five post-season wins. Calgary couldn't go 16-0 en route to the Ed Chynoweth Cup could they????

The two Western Conference matchups lived up to their billing in the respective lid-lifters. Emerald Park's Taylor Procyshen gets the winner with less than two minutes to go in the 3rd as Tri-Cities beat Kelowna 4-3 while Vancouver beat Spokane 3-1 with Garry Nunn getting the winner at the 640 mark of the 3rd.
Steven Schroeder's goal at the 510 mark of overtime has lifted Humboldt to a 2-1 lead in the SJHL championship over Melville. The Broncos beating the Millionaires 2-1 in Game 3. This series has been a dandy so far and one would have to expect it will be a wild scene in Melville for Game 4 on Sunday night.
If you are a Flames fan you can not like what you are seeing. Calgary looked terrible in losing 4-0 to Minnesota. Of course despite their effort Calgary is still going to the playoffs unlike another team in Alberta who will miss the playoffs for a 3rd---yes a 3rd straight year. Seriously, Calgary is downright horrid right now and they haven't got a lot of time to get their act together. I don't think there will be a part 2 if you know what I mean because there won't be much of a party come playoff time if this continues. One team back in the playoffs after a seven year absence are the Chicago Blackhawks. They clinched a spot with a win over Nashville. How can you not like the Hawks with players like Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook. I don't think they go far this year because like those old great Oiler teams of the 80's, they needed a year to see what the playoffs were all about. I'm not saying Chicago is going to start winning a series of Stanley Cups but their immaturity come playoff time will hurt them this year and have them ready for next.
The Press Box was absolutely jam-packed on Friday night. How much fun will that place be during the Stanley Cup playoffs. I'll likely find out on a couple of nights.
Lemme get this straight. The agent for Michael Vick hopes the disgraced quarterback who is now out of prison after serving time on dogfighting charges is back in the NFL by September. To return to a team, Vick still must apply to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to be reinstated. Joel Segal says Vick has not yet done that and plans first to finish his 23-month sentence for bankrolling a dogfighting operation. He will return to his family and community, and when he is ready, start working with strength and quarterback coaches. How rusty is Michael Vick and what type of deal does he expect to get? What kind of p-r spin will be needed by whatever team he plays for in order to sell him to the fanbase. I can't see Michael Vick back in the NFL for a couple of years...then again he's better than Kyle Orton!! Seriously, I don't know why any team would want this guy. Could he end up in the CFL??? If he does I wonder what Ralph the Dog will do when his team goes to Calgary. Come to think of it, is Ralph still alive????
I have a question when it comes to football??? (Yeah I know, some of you think I don't understand it at all). Can someone please tell me why it is when a punter does his thing, the yardage counts from the line of scrimmage. Shouldn't you add 10 to 12 yards to each punt because that's how far he is kicking the ball. It makes me wonder why punts are measured from the line of scrimmage but field goals are marked from the spot of the kick. Why is that??
I've run into quite a few people over the past few days who have told me they are enjoying what they are seeing. Thanks a lot for the compliments. It is appreciated.
Colin, send me your e-mail and I will get back to you regarding the message you sent about the CFL videos you have.
Just two more sleeps until Wrestlemania 25!!!!!


Mike from Vita said...

The Hitmen are playing great, but unless they get some competition soon, they will be blindsided when they play the west division champs.

Also, if anyone knows of anyone who would have the 1975 and 1976 CFL Western Finals on tape, I'd be interested in a or pirated doesn't matter. Wonder why the Mother Corp (aka CBC) doesn't sell copies? That would make them some serious coin!!

Anonymous said...

Baseball is the worst televised sport.... including nascar.