Friday, April 17, 2009

NHL Admits Double-Standards Are In Play

I knew Mike Camalleri wouldn't be suspended for Game 2 of the Calgary-Chicago series. Even though the Calgary forward did the exact same thing to Chicago's Marty Havlat that Philly's Dan Carcillo did to Pittsburgh's Maxime Talbot one night earlier thus getting a one game suspension, Camalleri gets off. The NHL says it was a first time incident and that Camalleri was not a repeat offender.

What a load of crap!!!!

PS: Has anyone found out the whereabouts of Joe Thornton yet???


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap indeed!! So can Sid or Ovie deliver some two hander or an elbow to the head and get away with it. I guess they can!

Anonymous said...

What did Roger Millions say about the non-suspension?? Mitch, why haven't you mentioned the Roger Millions incident. I'm sure you know about it.