Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fanning The Flames

It would seem as if the Bombers are keen on keeping up the rivalry with the Riders by taking potshots. Here's what their new coach Mike Kelly had to say about the Riders at the team's AGM this week.

And, finally, as is customary at these kind of gatherings, there were also the usual shots at the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Regina, referred to by one fan as 'the crotch of Canada.' Later, coach Mike Kelly spoke of taking talent from the Edmonton Eskimos and Riders: "We kind of raided the toothless, green, watermelon-helmet-wearing people from the crotch of Canada."

YAWWWWNNNNNN!!!!! The way this guy is running the Bombers, he will be lucky to be coaching this team by Labour Day when Loseipeg makes its annual visit.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, they got Glenn January. Start the parade down Portage and Main now! This guy has been nothing but a knob since he took over.

Terry C

Brad said...

I am tired of Winnipegs lack of marketing skills and class. The only way they can fill their stadium for the Banjo Bowl is by trash talking Rider fans

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch!! We may be the crotch of Canada but at least our team can get our aging vets a Grey Cup ring. They just won't let it die will they.