Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Ten List That Yankee Fans Won't Want To See

I got this from the page of one of my fantasy baseball leagues that I am in. Enjoy....

10) Offense usually goes up in warm weather, which means we can expect a triple-figure runs game by late summer
9) Nick Swisher isn't going to have his current 1.101 OPS shrink down to his career .813 mark until at least July
8) Phil Hughes starts on Tuesday, rather than, well, Ian Kennedy or Kei Igawa
7) Mariano Rivera almost never blows saves against anyone but the Red Sox
6) Even after being swept in Boston this weekend in a particularly humiliating fashion, they are still a .500 team
5) You probably won't lose another game this year from the opposing team pulling off a straight steal of home base
4) Swisher has the best ERA on the staff, and might be the only non-Rivera reliever who is at all reliable
3) They won't finish the year with a 6.41 team ERA; it's certain to get down to at least, well, 6
2) CC Sabathia stunk in April last year... and really turned it around as soon as he went to the National League
1) Very good seats are still available at the new Stadium

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