Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giants Move On/You Be The GM

Gary Nunn's goal at the 156 mark of the first overtime period has sent the Vancouver Giants on to the Western Conference final and sends SHAW play by play man Dan Russell into an orgasmic state of glee. Nunn tipped a Nick Ross shot past Dustin Tokarski to give the Giants a 1-0 win over Spokane. It means there will be a new Memorial Cup champion and that the Giants will meet Kelowna in the West final in a series that will be on SHAW and Access. Brandon meets Calgary in the East final. In fact, here's the sked....

#1 - Brandon @ Calgary; Friday, April 17 (7:00pm MT)
#2 - Brandon @ Calgary; Sunday, April 19 (2:00pm MT)
#3 - Calgary @ Brandon; Tuesday, April 21 (7:00pm CT)
#4 - Calgary @ Brandon; Wednesday, April 22 (7:00pm CT)
#5 - Brandon @ Calgary; Friday, April 24 (7:00pm MT)**
#6 - Calgary @ Brandon; Sunday, April 26 (6:00pm CT)**
#7 - Brandon @ Calgary; Tuesday, April 28 (7:00pm MT)**

#1 - Kelowna @ Vancouver; Saturday, April 18 (7:00pm PT)
#2 - Kelowna @ Vancouver; Sunday, April 19 (5:00pm PT)
#3 - Vancouver @ Kelowna; Tuesday, April 21 (7:00pm PT)
#4 - Vancouver @ Kelowna; Thursday, April 23 (7:00pm PT)
#5 - Kelowna @ Vancouver; Saturday, April 25 (7:00pm PT)**
#6 - Vancouver @ Kelowna; Monday, April 27 (7:00pm PT)**
#7 - Kelowna @ Vancouver; Tuesday, April 28 (7:00pm PT)**
** - if necessary
No drama at the NHL draft lottery. When you have an almost 50 percent chance of winning the thing you should and the Islanders did. Does this mean John Tavares will be in Saskatoon when the Islanders hold their training camp??? Not if Brian Burke has his way. The Leafs GM made no bones about it at a news conference Tuesday. He wants Tavares and will do what it takes to get him. OK Leaf fans, (or non-Leaf fans) what do you offer the Islanders. Would Burkie pull off a Mike Ditka and trade all his draft picks to get Tavares the way Ditka did to get Ricky Williams in New Orleans. Toronto's first pick would obviously go New York's way and I'm guessing their 2010 first rounder as well with some other picks also heading the Islanders way. Would you send Jason Blake back to the Island?? How about Jeremy Williams who isn't getting his chance to play with the big club or perhaps the newly signed Tyler Bozak. It will be interesting to see how Burke plays this out. For those of you thinking Burke might just be blowing hot air again, remember this. In 1993, while with Hartford, Burke moved up in the draft to land Chris Pronger. In 1999, while managing the Vancouver Canucks, he made a series of trades to acquire the Sedin twins. Garth Snow....get ready!!!
Maggie the Monkey has made her picks for the first round of the playoffs. How on earth does James Duthie manage to get through these bits. It is just one of the reasons why Duthie in my mind is one of the best. Anyhow, if you missed it or if you want to be like the macaque. Here ya go.....

Columbus over Detroit???? If that's the case the two pools I am in are done. In the Pats draft last nite, I took Zetterberg, Franzen, Kronwall and Fillipula. I also have four Flyers, one Devil and a Blue. If the Rangers beat Washington there will be a lot of us red-faced as not one Blueshirt was taken.
Three members of the U of R Rams are going to play in the East-West bowl. The three are linebacker Bruce Anderson, receiver Jordan Sisco and offensive lineman Nick Hutchins. All three are eligible for the 2010 CFL draft. The game goes May 9 in London, Ontario. (Can the Rams bid on this game in future years??!! It would be nice to see some future CFL stars strutting their stuff in front of CFL scouts on the Taylor Field turf!!)
The NFL sked is out. The Toronto game will have (YAWWWWWWNNNN!!!) the Bills against the New York Jets. OH BOY!!! Is it time to just admit this was a disaster!!! As I yell often at High Impact Wrestling, END THIS!!!! Oh wait it gets better. The game isn't on a Sunday, its one of the NFL networks Thursday games. Its on December 3..thats the nite I turn 43 (GULP!!) and will also mark the three year anniversary of sitting at Denver's Invesco Field watching the Seahawks Josh Brown kick a 53 yarder on the last play of the game giving Seattle a win over Vanstone's Broncos. I went to that game with Rob and just chewed his ass off the entire walk back to the hotel. He took it rather well for the first half of the walk home but as we entered the downtown core, he turned around, looked at me and promptly yelled F##### OFF!!! in what can be termed as a diplomatic and friendly tone in only a manner that Rob can. Oh I remember it well!!!! The best thing about that game was having the opportunity to be on the field during the pre-game warmups. We would have been on the field for the game but when NBC got the rights to it, they have something in their contract that doesn't allow for fans to be on the sidelines---just corporate muckety-mucks. Who's kidding who, if I'm on the field for that play I am under the goalposts and that ball is MINE!!!! Mine I say!!!! What a great night that was. It certainly made up for the night before when a bank machine at the Pepsi Center ate my bank card. That was not fun!!!! Speaking of the Seahawks, they are at the Metrodome on the same day as the Western final. (GULLLPPPP!!!) Are the CFL playoffs on a Saturday again?? Going to the Western final on Saturday and being at the Metrodome Sunday. Maybe....just maybe!!! The odds might be the same as me sharing a hot tub with Anna Kournikova and Stacy Keibler but hey if there's a small chance, just perhaps!!!
One more thing on the NFL sked. I watched the start of the schedule release show on the NFL network and they went to several bars where fans were sitting there stoked for the release of the schedule. Really??? As passionate as Rider fans are, I can't see them gathering someplace with the warpaint on ready for the release of the sked. YEAH, WE OPEN AT HOME AGAINST BC!!!! The schedule release has become a little overhyped if you ask me.
I'm outta here. Talk to you later!!


Anonymous said...

Orgasmic glee?? That is the way you are when the Rams scored a TD or the Pats a goal. But again you are catering to a local audience and not a national one. I, for one, was amused at the big postgame party SHAW threw for the Giants. On-ice interviews, acting like HNIC. Would it have been that way if Spokane won?? Was it that way when Lethbridge won???? I didn't see the final game so if they did on-ice interviews with the Canes after beating the Blades so be it but yeah Dan Russell is over the top and will have me cheering for Kelowna now.


Anonymous said...

They actually gave the goal to Nick Ross after the game. That is what Pedersen is saying. When did he end up in Vancouver. Sorta sad to see Ross and Schira doing so well when they still could have been Pats. I know we got Bartley back for Ross but I can't remember how Schira ended up a Giant. Refresh my memory.

Vancouver beats Pittsburgh in the final.

Mitchell Blair said...

Schira went to Vancouver for Tim Kraus. (That trade didn't sit well with me for what its worth.)

Anonymous said...

If Tavares goes to Toronto, he will be smothered there by a media who will want him to produce Crosby-like numbers immediately. I would puke if he ended up a Leaf. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him in Saskatoon at Islanders camp because I don't think he will be here for the World Jrs.