Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fans With Signs

Being in radio for the past umpteen years, there haven't been many times when I have actually sat in the stands to watch a game seeing I do it from the pressbox. However when I have gone to games I have prayed that I don't get sitting near some knucklehead who has to bring a sign so he or she is on TV. An Oiler fan did what I think I would do last night in the same situation.

If you watched the Edmonton-Vancouver game on HNIC last night, some clown went to the game with a sign proclaiming Terrace as Hockeyville. He made it his mission to lift that sign up everytime the puck went into one end of the rink just so he could show his buddies he was on TV and think he was bigtime. Of course what Mr. Jackhole is too idiotic to see is that he is pissing off those around him whose sign obstructs their view when the home team is looking for a goal. One guy finally had enough. Just before Sam Gagner scored to make it 3-1, this idiot is doing his thing raising his sign thinking he is Mr. Cool when an Oiler fan rips the sign out of his hand and rips it in two. BRAVO!!!!

I have no problem with someone bringing a sign to the game but its just like these meatballs that get up out of their seat when the play is on or come back to it when the game is on. That coke can wait bud, do the right thing and wait until the play has come to a stop before getting in or out of your seat. Same with signboy. Wave your sign and do whatever with it when the play is stopped. If you have to show your fellow yokels back home that you're at the game with your sign more than once than get ready to be told where to go, how to get there and to have your sign ripped out of your hand.
Vancouver and Tri-Cities have both held serve after the first two games of their Western Conference semi-finals and I have to admit I'm surprised by that. The Giants beat Spokane 3-1 while the Americans knocked off Kelowna to take 2-0 leads. I really thought both series would be even at one. In Medicine Hat, the Wheat Kings outscored the Tigers 6-3 to take Game 1 of that series. Tiger star Tyler Ennis was a jaw-dropping minus 5 in that game. OUCH!!
Jordan Eberle continues to impress with Springfield of the American Hockey League. Eberle scored his 2nd goal with the Falcons in a 4-3 win over the Lowell Lock Monsters. Eberle has played six games with the Falcons and has two goals and two assists.
Did you have Michigan State and North Carolina as your final pairing in March Madness? Believe it or not my 14 year old step-daughter did and she knows absolutely nothing about college basketball---well I guess she must know something because she did better than me. The Spartans and Tar Heels advancing with convincing wins over Connecticut and Villanova respectively. The final goes Monday. By the way, what is a Tar Heel? I may have to ask Darian Durant that question seeing he is a North Carolina alum when training camp arrives.......and that can't come soon enough can it??
The fallout over the Jay Cutler trade continues. Its gotten to the point that Broncos owner Pat Bowlen sent an e-mail to Bronco season ticket holders explaining why they had to trade their quarterback. Bowlen, who remained largely silent during the six-week rift that ended with Thursday's blockbuster trade with the Chicago Bears, wrote that anybody who puts himself above the team gets a one-way ticket out of town.
"Understand this: it remains about team," Bowlen wrote. "Our franchise has gone to the Super Bowl six times, with three different coaches and with many different players. It has never been about one player, and it never will be. Coach McDaniels shares this vision, and everyone in the organization -- players, coaches and staff -- must understand and accept this unconditionally. If anyone does not, that person will not be a part of this franchise." Did Eric Tillman do this after the Kerry Joseph trade last year??? Did Jim Hopson do it??? No of course they didn't and they shouldn't have to and either should Bowlen. Of course Tillman and Hoppy should have maybe sent season ticket holders an apology for bringing in Michael Bishop but I digress. (I"M JOKING!!!!! or am I!!)
Who's the hottest team in the NBA??? Is it the Lakers, the Cavs, the Celtics...NO, NO and NO!! How about the Toronto Raptors!!! They made it six wins in a row with a victory over the New York Knicks. Its much too late to have a six game win streak now but perhaps it bodes well for next year.....perhaps!!
The 2009 Major League Baseball season starts tonight where the 2008 one ended. The world champion Philadelphia Phillies will take on Atlanta. Are the Cubs going to tease me with another playoff appearance marked by a first round elimination again. I'm still sour over the way they soiled the linen against the Dodgers last year.
One more sleep until Wrestlemania 25!!! More on that later today.

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