Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Whole Lot Of Thoughts

A lot of things are running through the old brain today so here goes in no particular order.

Here's a pic of the brand new Yankee Stadium. (pic courtesy The Yankees unveil their new jewel tonight as they play an exhibition game against the Chicago Cubs. Is this a World Series preview?????? Uh no! Being the traditionalist for baseball that I am, I'm not sold on the fact that the Yankees moved out of the historic Yankee Stadium to come to this new park because of the history they left behind but I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Someday the Cubs will play in a place other than Wrigley Field. That will indeed be a sad day for this Cubs fan---a Cubs fan who has to get to Wrigley. Those plans were scuttled this year thanks to the "oust Mitch" movement. It will happen!!


Who the hell is David Backes???? He's not on any of my hockey pool teams but he scored four goals last night as St. Louis beat Detroit to improve their playoff positioning. Nice to see a team like St. Louis realizing they are in a perilous playoff position so they play their nuts off and beat one of the NHL's elite---unlike another team that resides in Northern Alberta and has made me upset with their play over the last month. The story behind Edmonton's latest loss wasn't what happened on the ice but what happened off of it. Before the game on the 630 CHED pre game show, some comments were made about coach Craig MacTavish that must have angered new owner Daryl Katz. He texted a message to Oilers colour analyst Bob Stauffer saying "MacT is not going anywhere". Stauffer offered Katz some air-time but Katz texted him back to go with the quote. Why not speak Daryl?? You would be speaking directly to Oiler fans. Katz doesn't make many public appearances or statements. He may be the NHL's version of Pawtucket Pete. (Thats a Family Guy reference---if you don't watch the show you won't understand)

I was in the local 7-11 yesterday afternoon grabbing a Pro-Line ticket when my eye noticed this.

Look at Valerie Bertinelli. WOW!!! Let me repeat myself WOWWWW!!! Looking like that three weeks short of her 49th birthday. Bravo Valerie Bravo...I wonder if Eddie Van Halen knows what he's missing.
Round 2 of the WHL playoffs begins tonight and there is no doubt the marquee matchup in the 2nd round is the battle between the last two Memorial Cup champs--the Spokane Chiefs and the Vancouver Giants. This series should be absolutely sensational and I am so glad SHAW/Access will bring it into my living room. Not a lot separates these two teams but in the end the fact Spokane doesn't have Saskatoon's Jared Cowen in their lineup because of a knee injury may be the deciding factor. This one has "7" written all over it. The other West matchup between Kelowna and Tri-Cities should also be very good and could go 7 as well. I'll take Kelowna.
In the East, Calgary will take on Lethbridge. It won't be as easy for the Hitmen in this series as it was in Round 1 against Edmonton but they should cruise to a win over the Canes. This changes of course if Zach Boychuk gets the same type of open ice he got against the Blades. I'll take Calgary in 5---maybe 6. You want an upset. I'll take Medicine Hat to beat Brandon. You heard me right!!! As for the team the Tigers beat in the first round, the Broncos were very quick to say Dean Chynoweth will return next season. I'm guessing the jerseys hadn't even been put in the dryer last night when the rumour started that Chynoweth would be replaced with Marc Habscheid.
Still with the WHL, they are asking for your help so please fill this out no matter where you are reading this if in or near a WHL community.
The Jay Cutler saga is over---or is it if you're a Denver Broncos fan?? Cutler was finally traded Wednesday as he becomes a Chicago Bear. The Broncos get Kyle Orton in return. (Isn't he fighting Triple H Sunday at Wrestlemania??!!)Denver fans can't be happy with the thought of Orton running the offence. With Denver now having two first round picks, they might be wanting to make a deal with someone so they can draft a quarterback---like USC's Mark Sanchez. Denver has picks 12 and 18 in the upcoming draft and I would think they might want to be in the top 10 to have a logistic shot at Sanchez. Would Seattle offer up the number four pick for 12, 18 and maybe a young linebacker or offensive lineman????? Maybe they should offer those two picks to Cleveland for Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson. If you want to go longshot, send the two picks to Cincinnati and something else for Carson Palmer and let the Bengals who are in need of an overhaul to get a quarterback. Whatever they do Denver can't go into the start of the season with the duo of Orton and Chris Simms. Does anyone have Michael Bishop's number????
Did you ever have a coach like this???
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