Monday, April 6, 2009

Play Ball!!!

The 2009 MLB season officially begins today. It is opening day in many parks across the majors including at Skydome where the Blue Jays will play the Detroit Tigers. There isn't a lot of optimism for the Jays this year and frankly why should their be?? The best this team can do in my mind is finish 4th in the American League East behind the Yankees, Red Sox and Tampa who will all battle for likely two playoff positions as one will be division champ and the other a wild-card winner.

When I look at the Jays, I think it will be a year where they get lit up and lit up often. Roy Halladay may be the game's best pitcher but you can't trot him to the mound every day. Halladay should flirt with another 20 win season but after that there is a real lack of arms. In fact, I wonder if the Jays will keep Halladay as I think he could be traded at some point around the midway park of the season as contenders look to bulk up. I would love to see Roy in a Cubbies jersey. Jesse Litsch is not a number two guy, Shawn Marcum is out for the year and Dustin McGowan has a ways to go before he gets back. That doesn't bode well. On the plus side, outfielder Travis Snider is being talked about as a potential rookie of the year candidate. If Snider lives up to expectations, he along with Vernon Wells and Alex Rios will provide the pop. In all honesty, I see Toronto winning about 70-75 games this year.

When all is said and done and it comes to playoff teams, expect teams like the Mets, Phillies, Cubs, Astros and Dodgers to be fighting it out come playoff time in the National League with the Red Sox, Rays, Indians, Twins and Angels coming out of the American League. Can this be the year the Cubs end the now over 100 year old drought. I'm sure something will prevent that from happening from I'll keep root, root, rooting for the Cubbies because if they don't win it is indeed a shame. Where's my peanuts and cracker-jack???

Speaking of which, these guys are doing something I would love to do. Hey Chop, didn't we have this in our to do list many, many years ago......


Anonymous said...

Trade Halladay??!! Toronto would officially wave the white flag if they did that. If the Jays can stay close in the first six weeks until McGowan gets back and then make a trade for a pitcher I think they will be alright. Saying they will win 70 is insulting.

Start cheering for another team other than the Cubs. They will NEVER win!!

Kelly Markwart said...

Mitch, when do we start to see the class action lawsuits filed against the players (especially the 104) who have been using steroids and other enhancements to achieve their career stats?

Most of these guys have signed for hundreds of millions of $$, and the baseball fans are the ones paying for it.

Sorry, this ball season doesn't seem all too exciting. I will likely not sit through a full game all year.