Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tillman Pleads Not Guilty

Rider GM Eric Tillman is pleading not guilty to a charge of sexual assault. That charge was laid earlier this year and involves a 16 year old girl. The case will be back in court June 12. This means Rider training camp will be underway when this matter is heard again. The case is set to be back in court June 12 at which time a trial date could be set.
A pre-trial meeting, called a case management conference, is to be held the previous day. Tillman's lawyer Aaron Fox said the Crown, defence and a judge will discuss the case to "see if some things might be resolved" or if it will go to trial.
Fox said it's "always possible" a trial could be avoided.
"Obviously something could happen between now and the June date and something may come out of the discussions at the June meeting which might lead to a resolution and that could be anything," Fox said outside the courthouse.
Tillman remains on administrative leave making one wonder if the football team will be forced to hire someone to do his job until the matter is settled seeing the season will be upon us. Of course that is secondary to what is happening for the Tillmans and the accuser and her family.

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