Friday, April 24, 2009

Sorry Bout That--Signed Loseipeg

From the Canadian Press

WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have apologized to Saskatchewan for a derogatory remark made at the CFL team's fan forum Tuesday night.
During the annual event attended by some 300 Bomber fans, one fan referred to Regina as "the crotch of Canada." And later when new Bombers head coach Mike Kelly was talking about the trades made with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimos, he picked up on the reference.
"We kind of raided the toothless, green, watermelon-helmet-wearing people from the crotch of Canada," Kelly said, according to the Winnipeg Free Press.
While the fans apparently laughed at Kelly's remarks, it wasn't a laughing matter for long.
Bombers president and CEO Lyle Bauer issued an apology after receiving some e-mails from upset Saskatchewan residents.
"The Winnipeg Football Club apologizes to the residents of Saskatchewan and Roughrider fans for comments which emanated at the Blue Bomber fan forum," Bauer said.
"The Winnipeg Football Club holds our partners to the west in a very high regard, as we share similar corporate cultures and values in our respective status as community-sponsored teams. The comments by a fan and our head coach were truly meant in the playful spirit of our great rivalry. We do recognize that some might not have received it in the context in which it was made."
Bauer also pointed to his own roots.
"As someone who was born and raised in Saskatchewan, I share the pride of the residents," he said. "However, I know there is no disrespect meant by those who made the comments."


Anonymous said...

Hey Scruff, here's a good idea for naming our 2 victories over the Bombers this year.

When we beat them here in Regina, we'll call it the "Kick in the Crotch." Then the following week when we trounce them, we'll call it the "Kick in the Junk."

Sound reasonable to me. How about you!?!


Mike from Vita said...

Writing from the land of the Sphinkters, it's obvious that the masses in this province are dumber than a sack of hammers. Remember, these are the same morons who build their houses next to a river that floods 4 out of every 5 years. Maybe it is time that the Saskatchewan government imposes a 5% Insult tax on every person born, or living in Losertoba (Saskatchewan born exempt) , every time they shop in Saskatchewan. That might shut their yaps!

If you want to see the video of the loud mouth, go to

Losertoba's version of the National Enquirer.