Thursday, April 16, 2009

A John Madden Question For You

In your mind, is John Madden best remembered as

A)the legendary coach of the Oakland Raiders
B)a broadcaster, who say what you will, that helped grow the NFL
C) the guy whose name is attached to the wildly popular video-game

Answer away!!


Tyler said...

B) Boom!

Anonymous said...

B. When I started watching the NFL I didn't realize he had coached a Super Bowl winner.

Anonymous said...

C. In fact, I think that game made Madden what he is because everyone then knew who he was. Take nothing away from him but had the game not come out or had someone else's name on it, his greatness would be diminished. I'm guessing he and Favre can cuddle up with one another now and watch games on Sunday.

Pat said...

Video game. because i believe the children are our future and the kids don't even know he was a coach.

Anonymous said...

C. People know exactly what you mean when you say "playing Madden".