Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 10 Signs Your NFL Team Won't Do Well At The Draft

Sent to me in an e-mail by a good friend of mine. Enjoy!!

10. You've heard of the people they are rumored to want, and you don't really follow college football

9. The team's scouts and front office all sound like Mel Kiper Jr., which is to say, a coked-up greaseball

8. Every single pick is someone they were surprised was still on the board, because that means their talent evaluation is just so, um, unique

7. Certain picks are just ceded to the owner's personal whims, or to the local "Make A Wish" chapter for dying nerdlings

6. Prospects are given obvious code words of failure by beat writers like "pocket", "crafty" and "white"

5. The team spends more time worrying about looking savvy by trading up or down in the draft then actually making a good pick

4. Picks are suspiciously fast or slow, and are accompanied by archived footage of your team's fans tearing their hair out

3. Police records, combine scores and statistics against minor college opponents are all way too prevalent

2. The talking head on television who has been told to defend your team's selections in the inevitable on-camera debate is drunk

1. Your team is the Detroit Lions

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