Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Brilliance From The NHL

I really don't understand the NHL at times. They do some things that make me just scratch my head. I'm not alone in that thinking. The latest----lets not give all the award nominees out on one day. Lets spread it out and turn it into an almost two week exercise. Why can't the league just do it all at one time. Who's kidding who, Americans aren't gathered by the watercooler talking about hockey right now. They are talking about the upcoming NFL draft, the NBA playoffs, baseball, NASCAR etc. etc. This isn't going to have people talking to one another or taking up sports talk segments on radio and there really is only one category people are interested in and thats MVP---an award that should go to Alexandre Ovechkin. Anyways, in the first of what will be a tiresome exercise, the finalists for the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year are Steve Mason, Kris Versteeg and Bobby Ryan. Tomorrow, its the nominees for the Norris Trophy and so on and so on and so on and yeah I know.


Shanofer said...

This is how MLB does it--NL Cy Young, AL Cy Young. AL ROTY, NL ROTY. NL MVP, AL MVP.

Does that irk you as well??

Mitchell Blair said...

There is a slight difference. MLB gives you the winners and not the nominees. They don't have a year-end award show. That being said, yeah it does irk me.

Anonymous said...


Do you have a email address that you can share with me? I would like to contact you about something?

Mitchell Blair said...

Send a message through the comments section with your e-mail and I will get back to you a-s-a-p. Once I have your address, I will just reject the comment from going onto the site.

That goes for anyone reading this.