Monday, April 6, 2009

Who Needs Pitching??

Everyone including myself feels the Blue Jays will need some solid starting pitching if they are to make any noise this season. If they can swing the bat the way they did on opening night they might not have to worry. Adam Lind had a homer and 6 RBI's as Toronto beat the Detroit Tigers 12-5.

I am one that thinks the New York Yankees are everything that is wrong with the world of sports. The Yankees don't want to build from within, they just want to spend, spend, spend and hope their riches bring them a championship. In the off-season, they hired CC Sabathia to come pitch for them outbidding everyone else for his services with a mammoth 161 million dollar deal. How did Sabathia do in his first game? He didn't get out of the 5th inning as the Yankees were beaten 10-5 by Baltimore.
The CFL hall of fame inductees for 2009 have apparently been announced. They include former Rider linebacker Alondra Johnson, Rudy Phillips, Jim Hill, Glen Weir and Tony Anselmo have all earned enshrinement. I don't know about you but these are not names that I hold synonomous with Canadian football.
Methinks this 100th anniversary season for the Montreal Canadiens is going to end in a big hurry. Word this morning that Matt Schneider is done for the season and Andrei "don't call me Danny" Markov is out for three weeks. If you don't have those two guys, you don't have much of a future. So much for Montreal's power play. I think they've done enough to get in the playoffs but they should be easy pickins for whoever they get in round 1.
Gotta hand it to President Barack Obama. He said before March Madness started that North Carolina would win and that is what happened. The Tar Heels winning the NC double A mens basketball championship with a convincing 89-72 win over Michigan State. North Carolina took it to Michigan State right from the opening tip and they did not take their foot off the pedal until the end.
Jeff Garcia has a new home. He is now an Oakland Raider. Is he there to start or to backup Jamarcus Russell. Time will tell!! One can't argue that Garcia is still successful but I can't see him having a lot of fun in Oakland. We'll see.
That's all I got for now. Have a good Tuesday and thanks for reading. I'm getting more and more visits each week so thank you for coming to this page. It is appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

This is the best the CFL could get for a Hall of Fame Class. If it weren't for the fact I remember Alondra Johnson from his days here I would not recognize anyone on that list.

Anonymous said...

Danny Markov??


That's an insult to Andrei...;)

Anonymous said...

Come on, Mitch it's Andrei Markov, who is Danny? You should know the name of the best d-man in the NHL!

Mitchell Blair said...

Danny, Andrei, whatever...soon his team is out.

That being said, WHOOPS!!

Anonymous said...

at least the Habs made the playoffs unlike some team northwest of here...

Anonymous said...

There's a typical Habs fan for you. How many Hab fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb. One to do it and thousands of others to tell you how great that was and the day will come when they can do it again.

Montreal may make the playoffs but they might win as many as that team northwest of here who isn't getting in. I'm not even an Oilers fan. Mitch, you should really look at finding a new the Canucks or the Bruins.

Anonymous said...

It's Jim Mills, not Jim wonder you don't think his name is synonymous with CFL Football. Mills is arguably the greatest BC Lion Offensive Lineman in their teams history. He's more than a deserving recipient of this honor.

Dee Jay H. said...

Stop all the bitching about the Yankees and spending money and not building talent. Open your eyes Mitch. Do the names Jeter(One of the best SS of all time), Posada(One of the top cathchers in the last 10 years), Cano(One of the top 2B in the AL), Rivera(The best closer of all time) mean anything. They also boast some pretty good drafted prospects Brett Gardner, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain to name a few. I'm getting sick of everybody bashing the Yankees cause they have money and like to spend it. Is it thier fault they have thier own cable network. What about the Red Sox shelling out 50+ million to just talk to Dice-K. Don't get me wrong baseball is messed up do to no salery cap but are the Yankees not playing within the rules. Check the Jays payroll when they won the World Series. I'm sure they had one of if not the highest payroll when they won. All in all people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.