Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Whole Lotta This And A Whole Lotta That

First off, it is the end of April right?? I know we have had snow in May before but after the winter we went through I think everyone agrees with me when I say enough is enough!!!

A couple of blog readers have come up with some interesting thoughts regarding the Calgary Flames. Brian H suggests if the Flames get rid of Mike Keenan which for some reason I think will happen would Brent Sutter be a possible replacement. There have been rumblings of Sutter wanting to be closer to home and for that reason he is being considered for the Edmonton job but I never thought of him joining Darryl in Calgary. That would be a coup for the Flames. Imagine then if Brian Sutter went and coached the Oilers. It would create a family feud that even Richard Dawson might not cure anytime soon.

Steve also mentions that while Joe Thornton is going to be and has been taking a lot of criticism for his play in yet another early exit for the Sharks, why isn't anyone being critical of Jarome Iginla. Iggy has not gotten his team beyond the first round for the past three years and if he is the leader everyone claims he is then he should get just as much abuse as Thornton if not more because he plays for a Canadian team. Whaddaya think???? He's got a point doesn't he.

Speaking of the Sharks, there is no doubt in my mind this team has to be blown up. GM Doug Wilson has to be spitting nails this morning after seeing his team "soil the linen" yet again. Could Wilson or would Wilson (if he stays) put together a package deal that involves Thornton, maybe a Michalek or a Pavelski or a Vlasic and a prospect or two to the Islanders for John Tavares. There is still a lot of talent in Sharksville but they need some new blood in there and they need some leadership in the playoffs that Thornton and Marleau can't provide for one reason or another. Could Tavares be the start of the restructuring??? Again, I just throw that out there.

I'm guessing and hoping you have seen Rob Vanstone's selections for the all-century Rider team. If not, here it is....

As promised, here are my choices and I gotta say a lot of them resemble what my High Impact Wrestling cohort has put down.

QB-Ron Lancaster (DUHH!!)
RB-Mike Saunders (Yes I realize that some in the older demographic will think I'm full of it because I'm not putting someone like Ed Buchanan or Ferd Burket in this spot)
FB-George Reed
Rec-Ray Elgaard
O-Line-Roger Aldag (but Gene Makowsky is very close and that's not a slight towards Roger)
D-Line-Bill Baker
Linebacker-Eddie Lowe
D-Back-Lorne Richardson
Safety-Ken McEachern (sorry Suits!!)
Special Teams-Dave Ridgway
Mr. Versatile-Al Ford
Coach-Eagle Keys
Team-1989 (again I remember these days vividly where as I was one week from being born when the 66 victory happened)
I'm surprised to see the Ti-Cats cut quarterback Richie Williams. Quinton Porter and Kevin Glenn are obviously 1-2 but with the draft coming up I would think Williams could have found a new home via trade. He would have been a nice backup to Calvillo in Montreal and yes maybe he could have battled Steven Jyles here.
The WHL final series is set. Here's the sked....
#1 - Kelowna @ Calgary; Friday, May 1 (7:30pm MT)
#2 - Kelowna @ Calgary; Saturday, May 2 (7:00pm MT)
#3 - Calgary @ Kelowna; Monday, May 4 (7:00pm PT)
#4 - Calgary @ Kelowna; Wednesday, May 6 (7:00pm PT)
#5 - Kelowna @ Calgary; Thursday, May 7 (7:00pm MT)**
#6 - Calgary @ Kelowna; Saturday, May 9 (7:00pm PT)**
#7 - Kelowna @ Calgary; Monday, May 11 (7:00pm MT)**
** - if necessary
The Canadian Sports Hall of Fame announced its 2009 inductees today. They include Mark Messier, Warren Moon and Hugh Campbell.


Anonymous said...

Mike Saunders ahead of Kenton Keith?? Say what you will about KK off the field but he was dynamite on it. While I don't disagree with Elgaard, I might lean towards Narco.


Anonymous said...

Jarome Iginla is not the reason the Flames lost. To compare Iginla to Thornton is absolutely ridiculous. I do agree with what you say about Chicago. If they keep that team intact, they will win multiple Cups. They remind me of the Oilers of the 80's.


Anonymous said...

Mitch, Iginla does not receive the same criticism as Joe Thornton, because Iginla has done it before. He was huge at the 2002 Olympics, and put the Flames on his back in the 2004 playoff run. Iginla might be criticized for getting old, but he has already proven himself as a big-game player. This is painful to say, being an Oilers fan.