Monday, April 20, 2009

How Is This Not a Penalty?

Columbus' Jakub Voracek blatantly broke the rules in Game 2 of the Jackets-Wings series yet the striped shirts just look the other direction. ????????


Anonymous said...

Its because the ref has Voracek confused with Komisarek and Komisarek would never do anything to get a penalty!!!!!

Hugh Michaels said...

From the NHL Rule book --

"A player who participates in the play, who checks or who intentionally prevents the movement of an opponent, or who intentionally plays the puck while carrying two sticks (including while taking a replacement stick to his goalkeeper) shall incur a minor penalty under this rule."

However as the commentators pointed out there is no clear definition in the rule book of what constitutes "participating in the play". Even within the conversation, there was some doubt by the analysts as to whether or not it is an infraction.

If the intent of the rule was to not have a player be in possession of two sticks at the same time, the rule would be worded as such.

So -- to answer your original question "How is this not a penalty?" It seems the answer lies within the ambiguity of the wording of the rules.

ed said...

Just give the brain trust and I use that word lightly at the nhl head office to come up with any other rule/penalty. To limit creativity just like last year when they came up with "Sean Avery rule". Just because he was creative enough to come up with that.So just to recap waving your hands in front of the goalies face is a no-no but laying on a goalie when your teammate scores a goal is ok. What's next a delay of game penalty when you shoot the puck out of play. Oh wait.