Sunday, April 5, 2009

WM 25 Was Not One For The Books

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As I mentioned in my previous posts, I have seen every Wrestlemania. There have been good ones and there have been bad ones. The 25th WM will go down in the latter category. The matches simply didn't live up to the hype. Wrestling legend Ricky Steamboat showed he can still perform at whatever age he is and The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels came up with perhaps one of the greatest ever if not the greatest ever WM match but all in all, it was not a banner evening for the WWE with several missed spots and several matches that left me wanting more. Both main events were extremely disappointing and had it not been for the Michaels-Undertaker match, I would have put this one as one of the worst ever. If you are a wrestling fan and you did not see the pay per view, I would suggest making sure at some point you do see what Michaels and Taker did. It was incredible.
All four second round series in the WHL see the teams that were favoured up 2-0. Brandon outscored Medicine Hat 8-6 to take both games in the Alberta city and basically end any thoughts I had of a Tiger upset. Andrew Clark had three for the Wheat Kings. Tyler Ennis had five assists for Medicine Hat. In Calgary, the Hitmen got past Lethbridge 2-1. Tomas Karpov's power play goal with 5 minutes to play in the 2nd was the winner.
The Humboldt Broncos are one game away from winning the SJHL championship. The Broncos beat Melville 2-1 in Melville Sunday night to take a 3 games to one lead. They look to wrap it up on home ice Tuesday night.
The Toronto Star's Damien Cox is in agreement with me when it comes to the NHL draft lottery. Here is what Cox had to say during the thumbs up, thumbs down segment on TSN's "The Reporters".
"My thumb is down this week to the NHL Draft lottery system. Now, I don't mind the lottery in a lot of ways. I think there's going to be drama on April 14th when you see who gets the first pick and the second pick and the third pick, but it could be so much more dramatic. And even more than that, you could remove some of what we're starting to see now, and that is suspicions of tanking. All of a sudden with a few games left, the Tampa Bay Lightning shut down Vinny Lecavalier. You've got a game next Saturday between Ottawa and Toronto in which the loser might end up with a better draft position than the winner. I say put all the non-playoff teams in, you can have them all picked out of a hat, or you can make it so the teams that get closest to making the playoffs get the top pick. Either way, the lottery system needs a change."
I have thought this for a couple of years. Why should the worst team automatically get the first pick? If you want to have a weighted lottery so that a team that maybe misses the playoffs by a point has a slim chance of getting the first pick I'm OK with that but only having 5 of the 14 teams not making the playoffs having a shot at number one is wrong. If a team like Toronto or Ottawa or Buffalo wins the lottery they should have the right to have the number one selection and not just move up a few spots.
As expected Kevin Martin is cruising along at the World Mens Curling Championship. Martin and his Edmonton rink are 3-0 after wins over France and China. The Martin squad continues to show no weakness in their game and why they may already be considered as one of the best teams in Canadian history, they may need an Olympic gold to cement that legacy. Right now they would have to be considered the heavy favourite to be wearing Canadian colours in Vancouver.
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canuck1 said...

Being in the same boat as Damien Cox does not help your argument.

Anonymous said...

WM was a letdown. I wasn't expecting a bloodbath between Triple H and Orton but I was expecting a lot more than what we got. Punk winning again (YAWWWNNN!!), the Diva thing was a joke and made them all look bad in my mind. Although the Beth-Santino thing will be funny tonight. If it hadn't have been for Michaels-Taker, the whole thing would have been a complete disaster. Good work on the blog. I enjoy it.

Dale in Stoon

Switzer said...

Good job bloggin' the sports entertainment. John Cena is on 'roids and if the Undertaker even knows his own name today, he is gonna be pissed at someone.