Monday, May 6, 2019

Something To Mitch About

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--In reading a review of the CFL Draft, there was one individual who didn't like the Rider picks of Justin McInnis and Brayden Lenius saying the team should have grabbed an offensive lineman because that is what was needed.  I would suggest said individual grab a roster of the Riders pre-draft and tell me a receiver wasn't what was severely needed.  McInnis was not offered a contract after the Colts rookie camp this weekend.  He will try his luck with the Titans next weekend.  If that doesn't pan out, is it time to come north of the border?

--Some are asking what the future of former Rams receiver Mitch Picton is after the team drafted McInnis and Lenius.  I think he still has a future.  Picton has everything you want in a receiver and if given a chance to contribute, I think he can.  Injuries haven't helped Mitch out and it has set him back, but he still has a chance to be an impact player for this team like another homegrown receiver that had a nice career in Riderville....right Chris Getzlaf?

--If the NFL can have a referee in the booth to talk about calls and the NBA can have one.  Why can't the NHL?  For that matter, why can't the CFL? As a fan, don't you want hear an interpretation and whether or not the call is right or wrong.  I do!

--More players from the US were taken at the WHL Bantam Draft than Saskatchewan kids.  Should that be a red flag?  Only 30 Saskatchewan kids were taken out of the 228 players selected.  That number seems awfully low to me.  In 2018, there were 42.  Maybe its just me, but I think there should be a few more kids coming out.

--Say what you will about John Tortorella, but he doesn't give you the crafted cliches that so many give.  You could tell he was pissed after the Game 5 loss to Boston and it showed.  He said they would be back for Game 7.  I'd rather have that then a lot of the "coachspeak" we get from so many today.

--For whatever reason, Don Cherry continues to beat on the Carolina Hurricanes.  He didn't like the post-game celebrations that started the very popular "bunch of jerks" narrative and now he is referring to their fans as "bandwagonners".  Say what you will on this one, but he's not wrong.  Its not just the Hurricanes though. We all know when a team wins. interest grows.  The Hurricanes fan base wouldn't be the first one and they won't be the last to go through this.  Wins mean everything.  It is the continued success that counts as that is what will keep people in the seats.

--Ken Holland as the new GM of the Edmonton Oilers?  I'll take that!  He is a huge improvement over Peter Chiarelli and his track record in Detroit is solid.  The next month should be interesting as he evaluates what he has.  I am thinking Oiler fans can expect one of the core guys to be traded....don't be surprised if that player is Darnell Nurse.   With Caleb Jones and Ethan Bear ready to make the next step up, he could be expendable especially if you get a blueliner back.

--When the Dallas Stars were trying to pry Erik Karlsson from the Senators, Ottawa wanted Miro Heiskanen in return.  Dallas said no.  If you've been paying attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs, you now see why.  Heiskanen has been spectacular.  Speaking of Karlsson, it hasn't been the best season for him in San Jose and he will be a UFA come July 1st.  What would you offer him? I still think he gets at least eight million per year from someone

--Fanduel asked a question on Twitter this week saying what is the best name in sports history?  The possibilities are endless!  What's the best name in sports today?

--I will be completely honest.  I had no idea the Kentucky Derby was on Saturday until I saw the controversy at the end.  Horse racing isn't my thing.  Sorry!

--The Raptors and 76ers are tied at two in their NBA second round series.  The only reason the Raptors are where they are is because of Kawhi Leonard.  If he doesn't bring his "A" game, the Raptors are toast because no one else is stepping up their game ---at least not that I can see.

--The Baltimore Orioles are on pace to give up 368 homers this season.  That would be a record  The current record is 258.

--That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Mitch Picton wouldn't have had a shot if Jones was here. Dickenson will give him a good look.
Its up to him now.


Anonymous said...

Once again, why should I be interested in what you have to say?

Anonymous said...

Ken Holland is 63. Go younger! Mark Hunter should have been the choice after McCrimmon stayed in Vegas. Good on Vegas to see what they had and promote him before he had a chance to leave.

Anonymous said...

Grapes is out to lunch with his thoughts on the Hurricanes and their celebrations, but he's not wrong with the shot at the fans. I don't understand why he would go there though.

You can't tell me if Florida and Arizona were in the same spot as Carolina that they wouldn't be playing to full barns with crazed fans.

Winning equals fan support. It is as simple as that.


Anonymous said...

If you look at the Red Wings and their cap situation right now, I am not so sure Holland can solve anything.

Anonymous said...

The best name in sports?
If you mean the best 'team name' I'd suggest the central Alberta town of Castor (pop 950)
Their baseball team's name is the RAIDERS.
Think about it. It's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Horrible hire by Oilers. Another decade of futility