Friday, April 13, 2018

This And That

Welcome to Friday.  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind. As always, they come in no particular order.

--The tragic events that happened one week ago to the city of Humboldt and their beloved Broncos is still resonating throughout the province, the country and the world.  Sportscage's Jim Lang said Wednesday there may not have been another event in Canada that has galvanized everyone since Terry Fox as we see the love and support being thrown to Humboldt and the Broncos organization. I can't disagree.  The jersey day initiative that started in BC saw people around the world take part. Amazing!

To see the way everyone has rallied around Humboldt has been beyond incredible. Maybe we are not so bad as we think we are sometimes.  There is a lot of good in everyone as evidenced by the amount of people contributing to the GoFundMe Campaign,  the SJHL assistance program and the #SticksoutforHumboldt movement that TSN's (and Humboldt's own) Brian Munz got going.(two taps on the ice for Munzie on that one too) Sadly, it takes things like this to realize it.

--I applaud the SJHL and its member teams for voting unanimously to carry on. While some are likely against the move to continue with the playoffs,  I think the league made the right choice.  It couldn't have been easy for those involved to make that decision.  Not playing isn't going to bring 16 people back.  Playing will help in the healing process, but it would be nice if Humboldt hockey fans had an opportunity to cheer on their Broncos sooner than later.  That won't happen until the start of the 2018-19 season and that is a long ways away.

--I had someone ask me what will be, and what should be done to honour those lost when it comes to a memoriam like what the Swift Current Broncos and the WHL did after they lost four players in 1986 in a day no one has forgotten.  That person said it would be hard for Humboldt to do what Swift Current did and the same with the league considering the amount of people taken from us wayyyy too quickly.   I have no idea what is planned, but something will be done and it will be done right by all involved. It may take some time, but it will be done right.

--The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway. You knew it would be a scene in Winnipeg just like it was in Edmonton last year and Toronto when they got in as fans not only go crazy inside the arena, but outside as well.  While I love the Winnipeg Whiteout,  I think they should be wearing their whites when they play. I just think it looks dumb when everyone is wearing one colour and the team they are supporting is wearing the other. Then again, I think the home team should always be wearing whites on the ice.  I don't know who decided to change things up and what the rationale was, but they could change it back anytime as far as I'm concerned.

--With the arrival of the playoffs comes the scrutiny with hits. The Kings Drew Doughty is getting one game for a hit on Vegas' William Carrier in Game 1 of their series. It is one that is being debated because Doughty didn't get a penalty.  24 hours later, Nazem Kadri of the Leafs just does something stupid and gets 5 and a game for boarding Boston's Tommy Wingels.  If Doughty is getting one, Kadri needs to sit for at least two or more because his was wayyyy worse.  If player safety is the goal as the NHL claims it is, Kadri has to sit.  Knee to prone players head is not in the best interests of player safety the last time I checked.  Before I forget, what exactly was Brad Marchand doing with Leo Komarov in Game 1.  I thought the Sean Avery-Marty Brodeur thing was somewhat awkward.

--Has anyone noticed what the Tri-Cities Americans are doing in the WHL playoffs? They are 8-0 and are looking very good.  The team is healthy for the first time in a long time and what people thought they would get during the season is coming now.  Tri-Cities is only halfway to the desired goal and the wheels could fall off quite quickly, but there is no doubt they are the best team in the playoffs right now and will be a tough out for what likely will be Everett in the West final.

--The numbers show the Toronto Raptors had the second-best win-loss record in the NBA this season. I didn't watch every game they played, but I watched a few. I just don't think they are a team that can go to the league final.  If they do, it will be great for basketball in this country.  The sport is getting bigger and bigger each year in Canada.  A championship could do what the Jays victories in the 90's did for baseball in Canada. Time will tell!

--Spring is coming right? 

--That's all I got.  Have a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

The bonds in the hockey community are stronger than ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the Whiteout thing. Looks dumb when the Jets come out wearing their blues and Minnesota is wearing the whites. Its Winnipeg though!

Anonymous said...

What good would it have done for the hockey community if there was no league final? The story might have been different if Humboldt had been in the final. Having the games continue is good for all.